Craig Howie

Craig Howie

Craig Howie

Correspondent, AOL Autos

Craig Howie's auto writing is published at, and, and has been featured at,, and Previously, he was vehicles editor at and production editor of the autos section of the national newspaper of his home country, The Scotsman. A long-time lover of American marques -- and value-packed motoring -- he drives a Jeep Patriot around Long Beach, Calif., but loves kicking up dust in his wife's Chevy Cobalt SS when she's not looking.

Do Roundabouts Reduce Accidents?

If you've driven in Europe or Latin America -- or even in any one of 30 U.S. states including California, Florida and Michigan -- chances are you've driven around a traffic circle or roundabout.

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AAA Keeps Drunks Off the Roads by Towing Them Home

If someone has had too much to drink on a major holiday, several AAA organizations will tow their vehicle home for free, services that were used by more people than ever over the recent holiday period.

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Ferrari Developing Mind-Reading Car?

Stepping into a Ferrari's sleek cockpit is enough to set anyone's pulse racing. But what if that was a bad thing? Italy's most illustrious motoring marque is working on an in-car system that monitors a driver's mental state behind the wheel, according to a British car magazine. Effectively, future mind-blowing Ferraris may also read a driver's mind.

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Automakers Go Big at CES in Las Vegas

Car companies were the stars of this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with Audi, GM and Ford grabbing the show's vital "wow" factor with their displays of gadgets, apps, and sophisticated electronic wizardry.

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Top 10 Grand Theft Auto Stories of 2010

Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Jovan Haye knows a thing or two about defense -- but when thieves stole his luxury SUV, he was powerless to intercept them. Fortunately, his car's security tracking device allowed him to recover his vehicle.

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The World's Highest Speeding Fines

How does a $200,000 speeding ticket grab you? For driving a mere 25 mph over the limit? Well, we're not talking about the U.S. -- this world-record speeding fine was levied in Finland -- but did you know that the maximum fine for speeding in some areas of Canada could reach $25,000? American drivers may or may not consider themselves lucky that speeding fines top out here at about $2500 for the wo...

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