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Stealth Mustang GT: Spotting the cues
  • It may be hardest to recognize the stealth Mustang GT police car from the side. A keen eye will note:

  • Flasher lights in the rear quarter window
  • A marker/flasher on the front quarter panel
  • Stubby radio antennas on the trunk lid mounted just ahead of the rear spoiler

  • The patrol officer's brush cut, sunglasses and department patch on his jacket's sleeve may only become visible once he is writing your ticket.
    Stealth Mustang GT: Spotting the cues
  • Spotting a covert police cruiser from the rear is difficult. The stripes, rear spoiler, and the "GT" emblem help this Mustang blend with traffic. But even this car shows some cop car cues:

  • Each state has an official municipal license plate. Learn your state's plate. For example, Michigan's has an "X" in the middle.
  • Short police radio antennas on the trunk lid
  • Look in the rear window for blue and red flashers
  • Stealth Mustang GT: Spotting the cues
  • The Ford Crown Victoria has been a police workhorse for nearly two decades. It was introduced in 1992. Often, police departments will use marked and unmarked versions of the "Vickies" for traffic patrol work. But how can you tell whether you're about to speed pass a sedan issued to the Water and Sewage Department or to the police department?
    The Unmarked Crown Victoria
  • Just like the stealth Mustang, a working CVPI patrol car needs specific equipment to do its job. Find the following in this photo:

  • Front push bar
  • Front bumper lights
  • Remote spotlights
  • Mirror-mounted flashers
  • Radar unit and radios on dash
  • Covert Crown Victoria: Spotting the cues
  • While this may look like a plain Crown Victoria, the following pieces of equipment quickly ID this as a fully-prepared and in-service 2009 Police Interceptor:

  • Steel wheels with chrome center hubcaps
  • Bars between front and rear seats to keep the bad guys in their place
  • Police antenna on trunk lid
  • Covert Crown Victoria: Spotting the cues
  • From the rear, this Ford Crown Victoria could be a driven by a worker from your city's water department or by somebody's grandmother. However, these features reveal it to be a cop car:

  • Short police radio antenna on trunk
  • Rear-facing radar
  • Light flashers in rear window
  • Government license plate
  • Police Interceptor badge
  • Covert Crown Victoria: Spotting the cues
  • Now you know how to spot an unmarked police car. Use your knowledge wisely.
    Now You Know
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