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    Performance and Design Ratings                  
    Performance & Design - -
    Performance - -
    Style - -
    Comfort - -
    Features & Instruments Panel - -
    Initial Quality Ratings                  
    Overall Quality - Mechanical - -
    Powertrain Quality - Mechanical - -
    Body & Interior Quality - Mechanical - -
    Features & Accessories Quality - Mechanical - -
    Overall Quality - Design - -
    Powertrain Quality - Design - -
    Body & Interior Quality - Design - -
    Features & Accessories Quality - Design - -
    Dependability Ratings                  
    Overall - -
    Powertrain - -
    Body & Interior - -
    Features & Accessories - -

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    Compare the 2004 Chevrolet Astro Base Rear-wheel Drive Passenger Van reliability rating to 2004 GMC Safari Base Rear-wheel Drive Passenger Van. Find out which vehicle is most dependable.
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