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    Compare Pricing 2010 Infiniti FX50
    MSRP $59,000
    Fair Purchase Price -
    Invoice Price $54,445
    Destination Charge $875
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    Monthly Car Payment
    Compare Interior 2010 Infiniti FX50
    air conditioning, front dual zone automatic                
    Air filter std                
    Underseat ducts std                
    Cargo net std                
    Cargo tie downs std                
    Clock analog                
    Cruise control std                
    adaptive cruise control opt                
    Cupholders front and rear                
    Gear shift knob trim leather/aluminum                
    12V DC power outlet 4                
    Overhead console mini with storage                
    Floor console full                
    Floor mats carpeted front and rear                
    Front windows power                
    Rear windows power                
    1-touch window up front and rear                
    1-touch window down front and rear                
    programmable garage door opener std                
    Instrumentation analog                
    Tachometer std                
    Trip computer std                
    Water temp gauge std                
    low fuel warning std                
    service interval warning std                
    Exterior temperature display std                
    lighting - glovebox std                
    lighting - map lights front and rear                
    lighting - dome light fade                
    lighting - cargo light std                
    illuminated vanity mirrors driver and passenger                
    rear window defogger std                
    rear view mirror auto-dimming day-night                
    mirrors - visor vanity mirrors driver and passenger                
    retained accessory power std                
    Seatback storage pockets 2                
    Tilt-Wheel adjustable steering column std                
    Steering wheel material leather/metal-look                
    Compare Seats 2010 Infiniti FX50
    front seat type bucket                
    Standard seating 5 passengers                
    front driver seat direction controls 8-way power                
    front passenger seat direction controls 8-way power                
    lumbar support driver                
    Front armrests center                
    Front head restraints adjustable                
    Heated front seats driver and front passenger heated-cushion, heated-seatback                
    cooled front seats driver and passenger                
    Memory driver                
    Rear seats 60-40 bench                
    Rear armrest std                
    rear head restraints 3 - adjustable                
    Seat trim leather                
    Compare Entertainment 2010 Infiniti FX50
    Radio XM AM/FM/Satellite, seek-scan                
    CD player in-dash mounted single                
    MP3 capability std                
    auxiliary input jack std                
    DVD-Audio std                
    steering wheel audio controls std                
    Speakers 11 Bose                
    Amplifier std                
    Speed-Sensitive Volume std                
    entertainment system with DVD and digital media                
    Navigation system yes with voice activation                
    1st row LCD screen 1                
    2nd row LCD screen 2                
    Bluetooth Compatibility std                
    Compare Safety and Security 2010 Infiniti FX50
    airbags, frontal driver and front passenger                
    airbags, side impact seat mounted, driver and passenger                
    airbags, side curtain curtain 1st and 2nd row                
    occupancy sensor std                
    traction control ABS and driveline                
    height adjustable seatbelts front                
    seatbelt pre-tensioners front                
    headlights high intensity low/high beam, Bi-Xenon                
    exterior light control fully automatic                
    delay-off headlamps std                
    directionally adaptive headlights opt                
    LED taillights std                
    Door curb lights 4                
    Illuminated entry std                
    parking assist std                
    remote keyless entry keyfob (all doors)                
    keyless access system std                
    Panic alarm std                
    door locks power with 2 stage unlock                
    rear child safety door locks std                
    content theft deterrent alarm system std                
    ignition disable std                
    lane departure warning opt                
    first aid kit std                
    low tire pressure warning std                
    Compare Warranty 2010 Infiniti FX50
    Warranty Overview basic (48 month/60,000 mileage), powertrain (72 month/70,000 mileage), corrosion perforation (84 month/unlimited mileage), roadside assistance (48 month/unlimited mileage), accessories (48 month/60,000 mileage)                
    Warranty - Basic 48 months/60,000 miles                
    Warrranty - Powertrain 72 months/70,000 miles                
    Warranty - Corrosion perforation 84 months/unlimited miles                
    Warranty - Roadside assistance 48 months/unlimited miles                
    Compare Exterior 2010 Infiniti FX50
    Antenna window grid and roof mount                
    body material galvanized steel/aluminum/composite                
    paint clearcoat monotone                
    Bodyside mouldings black                
    Bodyside insert chrome                
    Grille trim chrome                
    fog/driving lights front                
    Door count 4 doors                
    rear cargo door liftgate                
    Tinted windows deep                
    Rear window type fixed                
    mirrors dual power remote w/tilt down                
    heated door mirrors std                
    Sunroof 1st row regular express open/close sliding and tilting glass                
    spoiler lip                
    roof rack opt                
    roof rails std                
    front tires P265/45VR21.0 BSW performance AS                
    Wheels 21" silver Enkei forged aluminum                
    Spare tire and wheel compact aluminum                
    windshield wipers - front variable intermittent                
    Windshield wipers - rain sensing opt                
    rear window wipers fixed interval                
    mud flaps opt                
    Compare Mechanical 2010 Infiniti FX50
    Engine 5.0L V-8                
    engine - valvetrain DOHC                
    recommended fuel premium unleaded                
    Brakes 4-wheel disc                
    anti-lock braking system (ABS) 4-wheel                
    brake assist std                
    drive type all wheel                
    engine block heater std                
    Exhaust stainless steel                
    Steering rack and pinion                
    four-wheel steering opt                
    speed sensitive steering std                
    suspension tuning regular                
    ride control opt                
    adaptive suspension opt                
    Front suspension type double wishbone                
    Front anti-roll bar std                
    Front shocks gas-pressurized                
    Front springs coil                
    Rear suspension type multi-link                
    Rear anti-roll bar std                
    Rear shocks gas-pressurized                
    Rear springs coil                
    electronic stability system std                
    sequential shift control std                
    Transmission 7-spd auto w/OD                
    Axle ratio 3.54                
    Compare Specifications 2010 Infiniti FX50
    Exterior length 191.3 "                
    Exterior body width 75.9 "                
    Exterior height 65.0 "                
    Engine 5.0L V-8                
    Horsepower 390 @ 6,500 rpm                
    torque 369 @ 4,400 rpm                
    Fuel economy - city 14 mpg                
    Fuel economy - highway 20 mpg                
    0-60mph / 0-100kmh (s) 5.8 seconds                
    1/4 mile time 14.1 seconds                
    1/4 mile speed 96 mph                
    lateral acceleration (g) .9                
    slalom speed 58 mph                
    Bore-and-Stroke 3.76/3.45 "                
    Curb weight 4,575 lbs.                
    Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) 5,766 lbs.                
    Payload 1,182 lbs.                
    Maximum Trailer Weight 3,500 lbs.                
    maximum GCWR 9,109 lbs.                
    Wheelbase 113.6 "                
    Front track 64.4 "                
    Rear track 64.6 "                
    Turning radius 18.3 ''                
    Drag coefficient .36                
    Front legroom 44.7 "                
    Rear legroom 34.6 "                
    Front headroom 39.3 "                
    Rear headroom 38.5 "                
    Front hip room 54.9 "                
    Rear hip room 54.2 "                
    Front shoulder room 57.3 "                
    Rear shoulder room 57.4 "                
    luggage volume 24.8 cu.ft.                
    luggage volume (max) 62.0 cu.ft.                
    Passenger volume 102 cu.ft.                
    fuel tank 23.8 gal.                
    Compare Purchase Options 2010 Infiniti FX50
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