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    Mar 25, 2011 by: sportscommander
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    Because I've read so much about the new WRX looking like the more expensive STI but faster in the 0-60 and quarter mile time, I just had to test drive it. Dealer told me than they are selling a lot more WRXs and that the STI may one day be obsolete because people can't justify the extra money just for the road handling. I currently own a 2007 Speed 3 so I had to make a comparison between the 2 cars. I have tested driven the WRX many times now and still can't make up my mind whether to buy the car. For sure, it's bang for the buck car like the Speed 3 but for different reasons. First of course is the AWD. No issue of torque steer like a FWD car like the Speed 3. Because the WRX comes with a 5 speed, it only takes one shift and you are in the 60 mph atmosphere. The car is so smooth you don't real feel of the power like I do with the Speed 3 due to the latter's suspension. The one complaint is even though Subaru has stiffen up the car for a tighter ride, the WRX is still a bit soft which I hate to ever agree with the so called auto guru reviewers. There is a slight roll in the turns but still noticeable whereas the Speed 3 and STI hold tight. Because they drive cars for testing unlike the real world, an owner like ourselves of a car are a far better in an honest opinion. If you want a drag car for 0-60/quarter mile daily and for a reasonable price, buy this car. Just keep in mind Subaru puts its money in the performance and not the interior or gas mileage. With $4 per gallon, I would have to think any normal/reasonable driver is not going punch it at every opportunity. The WRX is a better bargain than the STI but if Mazda should ever come out with FWD and even keep the same current engine, the price increase would still be lower than the STI I presume. But now, you really have a bang for the buck car because it would have the power and road handling that STI offers. But wow, the 60 and quarter mile times would be unbelievable.

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