2008 Pontiac Solstice

    (13 Reviews)

    $22,455 - $31,750

    2008 Pontiac Solstice Review Summaries

    What reviewers liked most about the Pontiac Solstice

    • Solstice hits the mark for sporty fun. Predictable through turns, well-balanced, and agile in quick changes of direction. Responsive steering feels connected to the road.

      - Consumer Guide
    • Quick lane changes can be done with no tire squeal, body lean or instability. It's almost like piloting a go-kart.

      - MSN Autos
    • The aluminum 16-valve engine produces 177 horsepower, which is enough to propel the fairly heavy 2,860-pound Solstice to 60 mph in a fairly quick 7.4 seconds if you rev it hard.

      - MSN Autos
    • Its rakish styling features Pontiac's twin-honeycomb grille, sexy curves and two retro-style head fairings on the trunk lid that look as if from slinky 1950s sports-racing cars now considered works of art.

      - MSN Autos
    • One of the most attractive aspects of the Solstice is its curvaceous looks. There's hardly a straight line or crease on the body.

      - New Car Test Drive
    • One of the features that makes a sports car a delight to drive is a really good gearbox with short throws and precise shifts. The Pontiac team nailed this with the Solstice, as its gear changes are a delight to the touch, and I never came close to missing a shift.

      - Road & Track

    What reviewers liked least about the Pontiac Solstice

    • ...cabin stowage space is about as limited as that in the trunk - a pocket behind the driver's seat, a map holder in the wall behind it, a small compartment in the wall between the seats and a tiny glove box, and that's about all it will hold.

      - Cars.com
    • ...the fuel gauge in the instrument panel is so deeply recessed it's impossible to see the needle at times.

      - Cars.com
    • Trunk is wide enough to fit one large or two small golf bags. Two soft duffle bags will also fit, but don't expect to carry even medium-sized boxes.

      - Consumer Guide
    • The comfortable bucket seats are supportive, but their controls need to provide a larger range of comfort settings.

      - MSN Autos
    • Standard items include power steering, an adjustable steering column and an AM/FM/CD sound system, but not a heck of a lot else.

      - MSN Autos
    • And, of course, there are the obligatory-in-America cupholders so we never have to go thirsty.

      - Road & Track

    Pontiac Solstice Comparisons

    • The 18-inch wheels on the Solstice, compared to 16-inch wheels on the Miata, make the Pontiac look even sportier.

      - New Car Test Drive
    • The top is more complicated than the Miata's, as it involves opening the clamshell rear decklid and then pulling the top up and forward.

      - Road & Track

    Best one-liner about the Pontiac Solstice

    • GM has delivered that "gotta have" car.

      - Cars.com

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