2008 Nissan Xterra
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    2008 Nissan Xterra Review Summaries

    What reviewers liked most about the Nissan Xterra

    • ...we particularly liked the durable-looking and comfortable mesh-like cloth on the seats.

      - AutoWeek
    • One place where Nissan can do no wrong is under the hood, where one engine, an all-new 4.0-liter V6, provides the motivation.

      - AutoWeek
    • ...one of the clever new features they came up with is standard side bumper steps, similar to the ones you see behind the cabs of some pickups.

      - Cars.com

    What reviewers liked least about the Nissan Xterra

    • The longer wheelbase and stiffer chassis improve Xterra's on-road manners, but even with a softer ride the vehicle still suffers from some pitching over rough pavement, incurring noticeable head toss.

      - AutoWeek
    • The roof basket, on which buyers typically used bungee cords to tie down their gear, now has a lid. But you can't lock it, which seems like an oversight.

      - Cars.com
    • ...our only real complaint about the entire vehicle is that the interior materials look and feel cheap.

      - Edmunds.com

    Nissan Xterra Comparisons

    • ...a little bit more difficult to handle than some car-based competitors like the Ford Escape.

      - Cars.com
    • Overall, the new interior may not coddle the driver in opulent luxury like some of the more expensive SUVs on the market, but it offers an unparalleled degree of access and utility for those who would rather spend their weekends bombing down a mountain on a dirt bike than hitting the links at the local country club.

      - Edmunds.com
    • ...the most powerful standard six-cylinder in any SUV on the American market.

      - Edmunds.com

    Best one-liner about the Nissan Xterra

    • ...the '05 Xterra climbs like a rabid mountain goat thanks to all-new underpinnings and a powerful new heart.

      - Edmunds.com
    • the 4.0 V6 provides so much bottom-end punch that it feels like a V8 has taken roost under the hood...

      - Edmunds.com

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    See what reviewers from Car and Driver, Edmunds, Autoweek and other leading automotive publications liked most and least about the 2008 Nissan Xterra S - Built Out as of 2/5/08 4dr 4x4.
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