2001 Nissan Pathfinder
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    2001 Nissan Pathfinder Review Summaries

    What reviewers liked most about the Nissan Pathfinder

    • ...new full-time four-wheel-drive system... automatically transfers power to the front wheels as the rear wheels begin to slip... [and] provides the Pathfinder with exceptional on-road traction while preserving its off-road capability.

      - Automobile
    • All the added power is down in the low to mid-ranges, where it was so desperately needed.

      - AutoWeek
    • ...exceptionally smooth-riding without a trace of mushiness on the road, and off-road it's agile and sure-footed.

      - Car and Driver
    • [with the new 3.5-liter V6] suddenly we're getting V-8-caliber 0-60 mph time of 9.2 seconds...

      - Car and Driver
    • Quality construction, supportive front seats and useful features make the interior one of the friendliest of any SUV on the market.

      - Edmunds.com
    • The Pathfinder has always been a comfortable and attractive truck, but with the new... [240-hp] powerplant, it has become something more - a startlingly powerful, quick performer.

      - New Car Test Drive
    • ...The Pathfinder has a relatively low step-in height and feels nimble in city traffic.

      - Popular Mechanics
    • Gearshifts that rival, perhaps surpass, those of the best luxury-car transmissions.

      - USA Today

    What reviewers liked least about the Nissan Pathfinder

    • ...why isn't the new model, given its extra oomph, able to tow more? Overheating concerns, we were told.

      - Car and Driver
    • Tight rear accommodations.

      - Edmunds.com
    • Full of people and cargo, the rear suspension finds itself against the stops at almost every bump.

      - Popular Mechanics
    • The four-wheel-drive system remains a weak point. It's part time only.

      - USA Today

    Nissan Pathfinder Comparisons

    • ...if you're considering a loaded 4x4 Pathfinder LE... for only a few grand more, the mechanically identical Infiniti QX4 offers a better warranty, a few more luxury items, and better dealership service, including free loaner cars.

      - Automobile
    • ...with this Pathfinder - and the new SUVs from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other luxury makes - the performance of these trucks has suddenly become competitive with conventional automobiles.

      - New Car Test Drive
    • Others may be better at one extreme or another, but the Nissan offers the best blend of ride and handling, on road and off.

      - Popular Mechanics

    Best one-liner about the Nissan Pathfinder

    • The new engine is spectacular, with incredible power and more spunk and enthusiasm than a high-school cheerleading squad.

      - Automobile

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    See what reviewers from Car and Driver, Edmunds, Autoweek and other leading automotive publications liked most and least about the 2001 Nissan Pathfinder XE 4dr 4x4.
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