2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Review Summaries

    What reviewers liked most about the Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    • The brakes are aggressive-maybe even too aggressive-at low speed. Then again, they're calibrated to provide the confidence you crave when you're screaming along the autobahn at a buck twenty and change.

      - Automobile
    • ...the most impressive thing about the car-there's virtually no body roll. The secret? Hydraulic motors powered by an engine-driven pump that adjust the stiffness of the anti-roll bars in response to cornering loads. The computer also modifies the stiffness of the air springs to enhance compliance over bumpy roads.

      - Automobile
    • In two days of off-road excursions in a variety of hostile terrains, the Range Rover Sport never seemed at a loss.

      - Los Angeles Times
    • Immediately after a heavy downpour that created some very slick and slimy conditions on a horse farm outside Chicago, all that was required of our British ute was to throw the transmission lever into "Low," twist the Terrain Response dial (located on the console between the front seats) one click to the right (Grass/Gravel/Snow), and we were on our way. A little throttle modulation and steering input were all the driver had to worry about. Simple.

      - Road & Track

    What reviewers liked least about the Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    • Is it fast? Well, let's just say "Sport" is a bit of a stretch. ... 5,468 pounds in the HSE and 5,670 pounds for the supercharged model.

      - Los Angeles Times

    Land Rover Range Rover Sport Comparisons

    • Like the 4.8-liter version of the BMW X5 and the Porsche Cayenne, the Range Rover Sport isn't an SUV so much as it's a fresh take on the grand-touring machine.

      - Automobile
    • Situated in the product lineup between the LR3 and the flagship Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport neatly hybridizes the attributes of both.

      - Los Angeles Times
    • It has more legroom and nearly as much head, shoulder and cargo room as the much-larger Range Rover.

      - Los Angeles Times

    Best one-liner about the Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    • Whether on the highway or back roads in horse country, the Range Rover Sport envelopes its occupants in luxurious surroundings.

      - Road & Track
    • It's clearly the sexed-up, hormonal progeny of the patrician Range Rover.

      - The Car Connection

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    See what reviewers from Car and Driver, Edmunds, Autoweek and other leading automotive publications liked most and least about the 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE 4dr AWD.
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