2008 Jeep Compass

    (22 Reviews)


    2008 Jeep Compass Review Summaries

    What reviewers liked most about the Jeep Compass

    • ...the Compass slaloms like a car. The mellow suspension tune toned down big impacts while keeping the body above its keel with reasonable roll control.

      - Car and Driver
    • For an entry-level product, the Compass handles a lot better than it should. Steering feel is light without giving up any accuracy. You can zip through traffic and around corners just like you can in any sporty compact car.

      - Cars.com
    • It's comfortable, generally satisfying to drive, set up pretty nicely with features and doesn't cost that much to get off the dealer lot.

      - Edmunds.com
    • It's a hoot to drive because the gear ratios change instantly, with no hiccup or hesitation, as you tap the shift lever.

      - JSOnline.com

    Jeep Compass Comparisons

    • If someone wants economy and utility, they'll stick with a Mazda3 or another hatchback. If they want an SUV for higher ride height and more cargo room, they'll get a RAV4 or even the Jeep Liberty.

      - Cars.com
    • What you will want to do is compare the Compass against other small SUVs such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, both of which are newly redesigned. At this point, you'll probably realize that the Compass comes up short in terms of cargo space, interior refinement and power.

      - Edmunds.com
    • But the main characteristic that makes the Compass more of a Jeep compared to the Caliber and similar competitors is a lever on the console that, when engaged, locks the center differential for better traction in sand and other off-road conditions.

      - JSOnline.com

    Best one-liner about the Jeep Compass

    • Forget about the Halls of Montezuma - the Compass is about the malls of Petaluma, about boldly going where sweaty-necked road-paving crews have already tread.

      - Car and Driver
    • For shoppers interested in a small, carlike SUV, the 2007 Jeep Compass might be worth a look.

      - Edmunds.com
    • If you're a die-hard traditionalist, the 2007 Compass is not a Jeep at all.

      - JSOnline.com

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