2006 Ford Expedition

    2006 Ford Expedition Review Summaries

    What reviewers liked most about the Ford Expedition

    • ...good towing capacity and, despite its size, is capable off-road.

      - Automobile
    • On-road, we liked the silence of the interior and the generally smooth feel of the powertrain.

      - Car and Driver
    • ...defines 'utility' in SUV. It can haul, tow, and drive through just about anything with hardly a wimper.

      - Cars Everything
    • Power-adjustable pedals are standard on all trim levels...

      - Edmunds.com
    • Clever turn signal indicators faired into the outer edges of the outside mirrors offer warning to vehicles one or two lanes over that you are moving over.

      - New Car Test Drive
    • ...5.4-liter V8 delivers responsive acceleration performance, while the automatic transmission provides impressively smooth shifting.

      - New Car Test Drive
    • ...handily seats nine and has an 8000-pound towing capacity.

      - Popular Mechanics

    What reviewers liked least about the Ford Expedition

    • We've never been big fans of the Expedition, finding it unwieldy and ponderous to drive.

      - Automobile
    • ...emergency handling maneuvers reveal the effects of Expedition's 4,900-pound or higher curb weight.

      - Edmunds.com
    • ...too big for some garages...

      - Edmunds.com
    • Front seats offer a myriad of power adjustments, but I had trouble finding a comfortable setting.

      - New Car Test Drive
    • ...comfortable seating in the first two rows;... [but] the third row is cramped for all but smaller children.

      - New Car Test Drive

    Ford Expedition Comparisons

    • Before you buy an Expedition, we recommend that you test-drive the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon.

      - Automobile
    • It's between the Yukon and the Suburban in size... in weight... in passenger and cargo space.

      - Car and Driver

    Best one-liner about the Ford Expedition

    • [To select 4-Lo] demands planning ahead... before you get yourself into a precarious place that won't tolerate the stop-neutral-mutter-mumble ritual.

      - Car and Driver

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    See what reviewers from Car and Driver, Edmunds, Autoweek and other leading automotive publications liked most and least about the 2006 Ford Expedition XLT Sport 4dr 4x2.
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