2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

    2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid Review Summaries

    What reviewers liked most about the Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

    • The Aspen's comfortable interior, available Hemi engine and raft of standard safety features deserve a tip of the hat, but what truly stands out is its price.

      - Cars.com
    • Despite a length three inches shy of 17 feet, the Aspen responds quickly to steering inputs and handles rapid lane changes and curving roads with aplomb.

      - JSOnline.com
    • Its 300-volt battery allows for silent, engine-free idle with air-conditioning and other accessories on. The electric motor makes 87 hp; the engine makes 345. The Hemi offers plenty of power on full-throttle launches, but it hesitates momentarily on aggressive partial-throttle launches, throwing a bit of shudder and hesitation into the transition from engine-off stoplights.

      - Truck Trend

    What reviewers liked least about the Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

    • Once past the initial impression, signs of cost cutting, inattention to detail or both begin to emerge, however. Interior finishes look better and more expensive than they feel.

      - New Car Test Drive

    Chrysler Aspen Hybrid Comparisons

    • Chrysler says the Aspen, its first SUV, competes in price with the GMC Yukon and in perception with the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade - lofty targets indeed. Don't be fooled: The Aspen is no Escalade. But given its bargain price, comfortable interior and upscale styling, I think it's a compelling alternative to some of the more everyday models out there.

      - Cars.com

    Best one-liner about the Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

    • This hybrid system, developed with General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, extends the life of the Hemi V-8 that Chrysler diligently built up into a marketing buzzword four years ago.

      - Truck Trend

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