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    '09 Chevy Silverado Hybrid

    May 01, 2009 by: mburn9560
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    Being my first hybrid, I didn't know what to expect outside of what I had read in the reviews of the Hybrid Tahoe. Unfortunately my dealership knew even less about the truck than I did. I bought one of the first production retail units available in the U.s. Overall, it is a really great vehicle. With little effort I am able to exceed the estimated MPG in all types of driving. It is relatively easy to maintain 27-33 MPG on the streets in/around Dallas while maintaining 40 mph. Highway MPG is not quite as good as city, but still better than estimates at 22-25 mpg. Plenty of power to pull my trailer with 4-wheeler and my friend's golf cart with no problem and average 19-20 mpg at the same time. My "old" '07 Tahoe averaged about 13 mpg doing the same thing. The truck does not have the "bells and whistles" that the Tahoe had, but then it is not a Tahoe. It seems that the truck keeps getting a little better on economy as I get more miles on it too. I use both the Hybrid display and the economy guage to keep me honest and it is now almost a game to see just how good my mileage can get. I figure that now, even before my first oil change, I am getting close to 40% better overall mileage than I did on the '07 Tahoe and fully expect to get that closer to 50% by the time I get myself adjusted to driving for mileage rather than just getting to where I am heading to. The economy certainly softens the blow of the added expense of purchasing the Hybrid model. Good vehicle for city or country. The quiet runnig truck will certainly be an asset during the fall hunting season.

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