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Steer Clear of These Dealers When Seeking a Loan

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The Federal Trade Commission is increasing enforcement of dealerships that make deceptive loan promises.

Winning The Car Loan Game

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It will pay – literally – to do your homework. Shaving a single percentage point off the loan could easily save you over $500.

Boost Your Credit Score

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Many people can increase their credit score in the final months before their car purchase and reap a better interest rate as a result.

Time To Refinance?

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In a time of tight household budgets, consumers are finding they can improve their monthly balance sheets with a little known type of loan: Refinancing an auto purchase.

Why Zero Percent Financing Will Cost You

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It sounds like a great deal but many times zero financing can squeeze out competing loans and pave the way for higher costs if a buyer isn’t careful.

Is Your Car Financing Upside-Down?

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In car dealership slang, it simply means that, late in the life of your auto loan, you still owe more money to your car financing organization than the vehicle is now worth.


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