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Horrible business model
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My intent to visit this dealer was to get a quote on a car I was interested in. I ended up closing on a deal and ending my other lease early. Henry Andrade the sales rep told me all paper works to return the call will be handled by them and I could pick up the old plates the same day to surrender to DMV. After signing the contract and dealing with all the paper works I was told I can't pick up the plates until they return the car which was days away. This mean I have to keep the old car under my insurance. I'm from a different state so I can't possibly drive back there to pick up the old plates. This didn't bother me to much because Henry told me the they will mail the old plates. It's been two weeks and I still don't have my old or new plates. The temporary plates are due to expire in 3days. They also told me I have to get my own car inspection for the new car. I've tried contacting Henry for the last 2 days and he still did not return my call. The person I spoke with initially told me Henry was with a customer and asked me to call again. I called again and now they told me he called out sick. I also asked for this person to help but he refuse and said he don't want to get into the middle of what Henry did. This person knew my name and what my old car was without me mentioning anything so they must have caller ID or a way to identify me(fishy..that Henry called out sick the second time I call). I'm really at a lost because I won't be able to drive the new car and I'm eating the cost of paying insurance on the old car because this dealer is not releasing the old plates to me. I hope the dealer reads this and right my problem. My suggestion is to stay away from this dealer because they tell you everything you want to hear. I'm not surprise by this tactic but to lie to close the deal is beyond a professional run business.

Stay Away!!!
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I was a out of state buyer and agreed to purchase a car over the phone and asked if I needed to give a down payment. She said no just fill out the finance forms and will finish everything tomorrow. Instead of contacting me about my financing they sold the car to someone else. She was so bad of person to deal with she refused all my phone calls and ignored my emails. Then a different sales rep that I finally got a hold of, told me they got a down payment on the car I was buying from someone else, I asked if there was anything he could do since I committed the day before to buying the car he told me "go to the new owners house and buy the car from him". This company has horrible sales reps and people to deal with. Even if they do have a good price I would never talk to them again its not worth there ignorance. I highly would recommend finding a car else where.

Stay Away
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I purchased a used 2005 Cadillac Deville on Friday, November 23. The vehicle broke down and died by 10:00 p.m. Saturday evening when my wife attempted to use it for work. The battery was dead and required replacement on Sunday, November 25. The cost for replacement was $175. The battery inserted and sold with the car was not the correct one, and was much too small for this vehicle according to the auto parts store. This explains why the car needed to be jumped several times before we test road it at the dealership. I was told it wouldn’t start immediately because it had been sitting for an extended period of time. That was not the issue or case at all. The car’s original battery had been removed and placed with a smaller inferior one. Despite repeated calls and e-mails to our salesman and the sales manager who handled all the paperwork to rectify the situation, it still hasn’t been addressed. I was told it would be handled within 24 hours once the service manager was contacted and questioned. The dealership won’t return any further calls or messages. The sales manager Vinny refused to come to the phone to further discuss the problem and had one of his salesmen tell me there was they nothing they could do and he was too busy. The second issue is false advertising on the same vehicle. It wasn’t until we discovered smoke and burning runoff on the engine that we were told that the engine had been replaced, and the original was blown upon receiving the vehicle. This was not mentioned or indicated in the car dealership's ad. We decided to take the chance on the replacement engine when the sales manager agreed to give us a 1-year warranty on the replaced engine. He would not, however, disclose how many miles this replacement engine had. A simple $175 check for the replaced battery would have made me a happy customer. I completely understand there's going to be problems when buying a used vehicle as is, but to have the car die 24 hours later is completely unacceptable. Fu

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