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  • 305 N Semoran Blvd
  • Winter ParkFL 32792
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Horrible Experience, Misrepresenting Sales Staff
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Not following through was only the beginning. It was hard to get calls back or any final prices. Spoke to the manager because I knew the car, just had to find the color combo, price and the person who could finalize everything. After a few follow ups on my part I finally spoke with Fred to see how negotiable the price was because it was over my limit. He told me several times it was negotiable and a must see, it was great condition, certified, and loaded with the high end package and the trade would make up the difference between what we wanted to spend and what it was listed for. I asked several times what the best price he could do was because we were willing to buy sight unseen to hold the car and because of all he said it was after talking to them Wed, Thurs and Fri. Gave all the specs on our trade, he gave an offer of $9K because he hadn't seen it, then called back because it had leather with sunroof so it wouldn't be $12K like JM Lexus offered, but wouldn't be $9K and kept insisting to drive the 3 hours there and said he's never lost a deal. So we decided to go, drove 3 hours to make the deal. Upon arrival the car was upfront, top down ready for us to test drive. It was a very disappointing experience. (1) Missing the shifter knob, so we asked for one. He asked if I was serious and if I really need one? Yes we are test driving a Lexus and don't want to put it into gear with a threaded post. (2) Minor scratches if they could be buffed out and if they would be upon purchase - Fred's response was "Itâ¿¿s a used car, thatâ¿¿s to be expected and just how it is" with no offer to see what can be done (3) In the back passenger seat belt, the snap looked tarnished. I asked what it was and if it would be replaced - Fred's reply was "is that a deal breaker?" I said "No, I was just asked so I would know". (4) The low trade offer of $9K with it being final, JM Lexus offered $12K, a wholesale dealer offered $10,500.

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