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BEWARE!!!!! These people are CRIMINALS!!! My fiance and I bought a used VW beetle from Mohammad (who we still have not seen--his son and daughter run the business though mohammad makes all of the decisions). We learned a HUGE lesson--never buy a used car without an inspection first. We should have KNOWN! The day we went to pick up our car, there were several little things wrong that had to be fixed. We had to drive back to Newark to have their mechanic fix them. Over the next two months, EVERYTHING went wrong with our car, including the entire thing shutting down and the engine light coming on. I broke down alone twice on major highways, and above all else the car failed FOUR NY STATE INSPECTIONS (we live in NYC). Mohammad refused to give us a refund or discuss selling the car back to him, even at a loss to us. Our 30 day warranty consisted of Mohammad making us drive to Newark 8 times to have his mechanic "fix" everything. I was told by three other reputable mechanics after the fact that he was simple re-setting the "check engine" light. The car we were given to drive failed the inspections on five safety points including tires that were ready to burst from dry rot.. One mechanic told me he would testify in court that this Mohammad knowingly sold us a vehicle that could seriously injure us or someone else at any given moment. Mohammad refused to speak to us for two months, relaying all of his messages through his poor daughter. Finally he agreed to come to the city and take the car to his own mechanic in Queens, claiming our mechanincs didn't know what they were talking about and the car was fine. He sent someone else named mohammad pretending to be him, and then this "reputable mechanic" tried to sell my fiance a fake inspection sticker for $20, and though none of the safety items were fixed, he was going to pass the inspection for his friend Mohammad.

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