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  • Address:
  • 950 Crockett St
  • El PasoTX 79922
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Where do I begin? WIth the sales rep that, when we decided we did not like the initial offer and said we were going to walk away, did not even ATTEMPT to dissuade us, and it was only when the sales manager was brining us our keys that the deal was improved? Maybe it should be about their AWFUL service department, who can't even manage to do a decent detailing job after two hours. It was just unacceptable. I managed to do a better job in less than an hour at the local car wash for $9. Then, we we brought up the fact the "detailers" left sand on our leather, new scuffs on the doors, and water spots everywhere, their manager could not even be bothered to come and apologize, and attempt to make things right. I think the final straw though, was trying to take the car in to correct a deficiency in the radio/satellite/bluetooth. Their "service" department spent over an hour and a half just looking for an update for the stereo, only to come back and tell us we would have to call the manufacturer, which I mistakenly thought would have been something any half-competant service department would have done. Then, they decided to "take a look" at the radio, which they never even bothered to do. We waited an additional hour, and when we told the service desk person we wanted our car back, it was in the exact same parking spot it was in since the last time we talked to them. THEY HAD NOT EVEN BOTHERED TO MAKE AN ATTEMPT. In summary, do yourselves a favor, and take your business elsewhere, this place does not value your time, and just wants to take your money.

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