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  • 25115 Mission Blvd
  • HaywardCA 94544
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Team Volkswagen of Hayward---worst ever dealership
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This is my experience. I went to this dealer to pick up my new car. And they told me the WORST LIE IN THE WORLD. I went with a well prepared list of what and how to check. I went in at 4pm. There is one man and one lady came up. I said I want a test drive first since I have not drive the car on highway yet. The man smiled to me and turned around to the lady:" Take them to the bank and get the check." So the lady sat in the car and constantly persuade me to go to the bank ASAP. I said let me check the car first. I came here and I already get all the insurance done. I am gonna to pay. The lady did not listen to me, she just kept on urging all the way and the man called her every 5 mins for six times. I was so annoyed and went to the bank. But after I got the check she immediately stopped talking. I asked her that the gas tank is not full. Could the dealer give me a full tank gas? She said since it was a new car, that it came with perfect service, everything will be full. I asked twice to double check since I need to drive a long way back home. She said do not worry. She would make sure I got it. Later I went in to pay after checking all the parts and a mechanic get my car inside for final service. The man led me into office and ask for the check. He did not check my insurance nor answer any of my questions. He just gave me the manual, tell me to read and kicked me out after i gave him the check by saying that I had never seen anyone like you examining a new car like that, you were the first! I said "why not? it is my first car." He laughed out loud "I have been here for a long time. You are the first to do that. Unbelievable. Hahaha!" I went out and wait for the car for 15 mins. When it came out I saw the gas tank was still a little bit below 1/4, the number after my test driving (1/4 is before my test driving). When I was trying to find the lady who promised me a full tank of gas, it turned out the lady was gone. So I found the man who got my check and asked for t

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