Jeff Sabatini

Jeff Sabatini

Jeff Sabatini

Managing Editor, AOL Autos

Jeff Sabatini has been writing about cars and covering the auto industry for over a decade. Before joining the AOL Autos staff, he served as the Wall Street Journal’s car critic, the managing editor of Sports Car Market magazine, and an associate editor at AutoWeek. For several years he was a freelance contributor to the New York Times, and has also written for Automotive News, Forbes and The Daily Beast.

Are Snow Tires Really Worth It?

If the midwest snow storm this week can teach us one lesson, it's that it's never too early in the season to start thinking about winter tires.

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Techsplanations: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Before every car, SUV and truck sold in America gets turned into a gas-electric hybrid or all-electric vehicle to meet stiffer fuel economy standards imposed by the government, automakers are adding more and more technology that has been around for years to the internal combustion engine to reduce the amount of gas they burn.

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Techsplanations: Driving On Clean Diesel

"Diesel fuel" is one of those terms that divides drivers and vehicle owners. To some, it elicits, "Cool," and "Fun." To others, the term brings out "Ugh!" But it is really all about knowing the facts, and understanding how diesel fuel works before deciding on whether you might want to own a car, truck or SUV that runs on diesel instead of gasoline.

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Techsplanations: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

To scientists, running vehicles on hydrogen makes all the sense in the world. Hydrogen can be derived from so many different things, including water, and constitutes roughly 75 percent of the universe's chemical elemental mass.

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Techsplanations: Collision Avoidance Systems

Collision avoidance is the next frontier in safety. Ever since seat-belts became mandatory equipment in the 1960s, most safety improvements have been focused on surviving an accident. From impact-absorbing bumpers to multiple airbags, the idea has long been to make a car more able to take a hit and still protect its passengers. Automakers have been very successful in their efforts, so now they're ...

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Techsplanations: Check Engine Light

It glows on your car's dashboard and instantly ignites terror and loathing in the hearts and wallets of drivers; the dreaded "Check Engine" warning light.For some, it is a minor irritant to be ignored. Even Public Television's "Car Guys" joke that the remedy is to put a piece of duct-tape over it. Some cynics believe the "Check Engine" light was invented to get vehicle owners to schedule more visi...

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