Frank Filipponio

Frank Filipponio

Frank Filipponio

Correspondent, AOL Autos

Allegedly conceived in a '64 GTO, Frank Filipponio was born into a car-loving family in the suburbs of Chicago in the same year that Porsche introduced the legendary 917. Surrounded by everything from Italian sportscars to American muscle in his youth, Frank earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois before moving to California in 1992. After years of attending, photographing and writing about automotive events around Southern California, Frank finally decided to make a career of it. Besides writing for Autoblog, Frank is a contibutor to several other automotive websites and print publications. His weekly photographic galleries from car shows, charity drives, concours and private photo shoots can be found at

Tips for Holiday Driving

Besides being a time to stop and express our thankfulness, the holiday season means parades, turkey, family and football to many Americans as well. It also means travel, with holiday weekend being one of the busiest time of the year at airports around the country.

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What You'll See In The Future

You've probably seen the commercials -- a weary driver on an unfamiliar road, it's dark and foggy, the asphalt twists and turns as the driver continues on ... when suddenly a deer jumps out and the driver has to swerve to avoid it. It's not necessarily the most common driving experience, but it does represent advertising's worst-case scenario to highlight a vehicle's safety features. Limited visib

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The Sun Shine Problem: Cosmic Rays At Fault For Toyota Problems?

Are cosmic rays really causing Toyota's woes? Believe it or not, that's the headline on a news item in today's Detroit Free Press, although it probably sounds more like something we pulled from the Weekly World News. As crazy as it may sound, the federal government thinks it's plausible enough that they are now studying whether the sudden acceleration claims afflicting certain Toyota models are so

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Jeep Gives Away Wrangler Via Twitter

The 2010 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) opens at the Jacob Javits Center on April 2 and runs through April 11. The show will once again host some of the hottest cars and trucks around, with several new concepts, and plenty of new '10 and '11 production models being shown for the first time. While most people who go to an auto show come away happy, there are going to be several folks at t

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Chevy Unveils Special Carbon Edition Corvette

GM is set to launch a new special edition of the Corvette, directly targeting fans of the iconic sports car who want something that their neighbor won't have. The limited edition car, called the "Carbon Edition," is not just an appearance package but a truly focused track machine that we can't wait to get our hands on. First, a bit of history. Back in 2001, Chevrolet decided to revive an old high

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Toyota Debunks ABC News Report On Runaway Car

Toyota proved this week that it's not only focused on fixing consumer vehicles involved in various recall incidents, it's also dedicating a good amount of time and energy to debunking claims by some that their vehicles fall prey to electronic gremlins that can cause unintended acceleration. In a meeting with the media this week, Toyota addressed and debunked the "simulated unintended acceleration"

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