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Is It Faster To Weave In And Out Of Traffic Or Stay In One Lane?

Posted Aug 28, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

The Mythbusters are out on the road testing which will get you to your destination quicker, weaving into speedier and more promising lanes or sticking it out in a single lane?

Dad Acquitted In Slaying Of Driver Who Killed Sons

Posted Aug 28, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A southeast Texas man says that despite his acquittal Wednesday for the shooting death of the drunken driver who caused a crash that killed his two sons, there are no winners.

Which American Cities Have The Best And Worst Accident Rates?

Posted Aug 27, 2014by Erin Marquis | AOL Autos Staff

Allstate Insurance released its 10th annual America's Best Drivers report this week. In reviewing millions of claims and taking into account factors like city density, population and even weather, researchers came up with a comprehensive list of cities with the best and worst drivers in America.

Car Dealer Charged For Selling Cars Damaged In Hurricane Sandy

Posted Aug 27, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A car dealer in Manalapan, New Jersey pled guilty Monday to theft by deception after he manipulated the titles of cars damaged in Hurricane Sandy and sold the cars to unsuspecting customers.

Spiders Force Suzuki To Recall Midsize Cars

Posted Aug 27, 2014by Associated Press

Spiders have forced Suzuki to recall more than 19,000 midsize cars.

What Not To Say To A Car Dealer

Posted Aug 26, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

Apprehensive about shopping for a new car? Afraid you'll say the wrong thing to a car dealer that will give him the upper hand in the price battle? Shopping for a new car, or even a used one, doesn't have to be that kind of nerve-jangling roll of the dice that it was many years ago. For starters, the advent of the Internet allows car shoppers to go into battle armed with more information today tha

Child In Hot Car Not 'Distressed' Enough For Dispatch To Send Help

Posted Aug 26, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A frantic mother called Tampa police Saturday afternoon after accidentally locking her child in her car, only to be told by dispatch that the police wouldn't come out unless the child was in distress.

California Senator Arrested For DUI After Voting Against Ride-Sharing Services

Posted Aug 26, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A California Senator who voted in favor of strict new regulations on ride-sharing companies ended up with DUI charges very next day.

Texas Cop Points Gun At Young Children During Traffic Stop

Posted Aug 25, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

Police in Forney, Texas received a call about a beige or tan Toyota full of men pointing guns at other drivers on the, but the car they pulled over was neither beige nor a Toyota.

How To Survive A Wrong-Way Driver

Posted Aug 22, 2014by Erin Marquis | AOL Autos

Driving down a freeway and suddenly seeing headlights coming your way isn't suppose to happen, but it does. Whether drunk or confused, wrong-way drivers happen and can cost lives.

Auto Finance Company Fined $2.75M For Hurting Customers' Credit

Posted Aug 21, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

The auto financing company First Investors Financial Services Group was fined $2.75 million on Wednesday by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for reporting incorrect information to credit agencies that affected thousands of customers.

Driverless Cars Could Lead To Organ Donor Shortage

Posted Aug 21, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

Unintended consequences abound when it comes to emerging technology, and self-driving cars are no exception.

New Corvette Feature Keeps An Eye On Valets

Posted Aug 20, 2014by Associated Press

General Motors has an option on the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette that takes worries about joy-riding valets away.

This Motorcyclist Might Be Luckiest Crash Victim Ever

Posted Aug 20, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A motorcyclist veers into the left lane of traffic and collides with a slower-moving car that's also changing lanes. The results could be catastrophic, but the biker survives in the coolest way possible.

Does Dollar Rent A Car Routinely Swindle Customers Via Insurance Scam?

Posted Aug 20, 2014by Pete Bigelow | AOL Autos

Dollar Rent A Car is the subject of two class-action lawsuits that allege systematic swindling of customers via fraudulent insurance charges.

Teen Dies Trying To Stop Drunk Friend From Driving

Posted Aug 19, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A teen in Coconut Creek, Florida was killed late Saturday night trying to stop his intoxicated friend from driving.

Son Turns Mother In For Making Meth In Car

Posted Aug 19, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A Florida mom was arrested Friday after her young son showed their landlord the makeshift meth lab in the trunk of her car.

Elderly Driver Gets Flip-Flops Tangled, Crashes Into Pool

Posted Aug 18, 2014by Associated Press

An 85-year-old man was unharmed Saturday after he crashed his car into a backyard pool, authorities said.

Tire Launched Into Stands During Monterey Car Week Race

Posted Aug 18, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

The Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is usually full of excitement, but one race over the weekend got a little too thrilling for some spectators after a crash launched a tire into the stands.

Mother Of Five Has Stolen Car Returned After Texting Thief

Posted Aug 18, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A mother of five in Missouri couldn't believe her luck when her stolen van was returned to her last week after she pleaded with the thief via text.

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