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    Basketball phenom LeBron James has one. As does actor Matt Dillon. So, famously, does politician Al Gore's son. You may think it's a Bentley, Benz or even a Prius, or the latest celebrity accoutrement, but we're not talking about that. All of these famous individuals have a speeding ticket citation for allegedly driving above 100 mph. As the three drivers were cited in three different states, they all face varying combinations of penalty fines, courts fees and possible license suspensions. But even if a prospective fine won't hit LeBron's oversized pocketbook too hard, it often adds up to a pretty penny for the average motorist once an insurance adjustment -- or policy cancellation -- is taken into account. What does it mean to get caught going triple digits? We take a look.

    When You Hear About It

    Maybe you were driving too fast on a straight section of freeway and heard that ominous siren that means a hefty speeding fine is on the way. Maybe you were opening your mail over a cup of morning coffee and noticed a letter with a funny-looking city insignia on it. Or maybe you were sitting watching TV when you noticed a police car pulling up outside then heard a knock on the door. However the police got to you -- and it varies by the state you live in - you've now been cited for driving above 100 mph.

    Likely Police Method

    Vince Ramirez of the California Highway Patrol says a 100 mph-plus driver may be caught either by radar or by cruiser (known as a "bumper piece"). He says: "Upon a stop, the officer will issue a citation and then it goes to county, where a court determines the fine. He says most offenders are caught on "the outskirts of big cities, high desert areas or rural populations." Arizona is the only state with a permanent freeway camera system, while others including Florida enforce by aircraft.

    Know Your Rights

    When you've been pulled over, most attorneys will advise you to not admit guilt, as it may complicate challenging a ticket later. Likely a police officer will ask you how fast you thought you were going, but you are under no obligation to answer. Be polite and do not challenge the ticket right there, as it may annoy the officer, undermining your case. Do not offer a bribe, a felony offense. There's nothing to stop you asking for a warning only but, at 100 mph or more, it's not likely you'll get it.

    Varying Ticket Penalties

    Penalties vary across states and jurisdictions. In California, for example, a first offender likely will face a fine not exceeding $500, two points on a license and possible jail time. The infraction becomes a misdemeanor if the police can prove a driver was reckless. In Virginia it's a fine of up to $2,500 and mandatory jail time. Some states like Florida and New York use a sliding scale for speeds up to 50 mph over the limit. Many including Oregon enforce mandatory license suspensions.

    Reckless Driving?

    Whether an infraction becomes a reckless driving offense depends on road conditions, how you were driving, the officer serving your ticket and the state in which you received it. Factors include if you were seen making unsafe lane changes or had a passenger in your car (even more so if it's a child). Reckless driving is usually a misdemeanor criminal offense. In Florida, a third offense for driving 50 mph over the limit is a felony. In Virginia, driving above 85 mph is considered reckless.

    What About Insurance?

    Raleigh Floyd at Allstate says a citation "typically won't affect the insurance situation unless it involved a crash." In terms of a policy cancellation or increase, Floyd says it's impossible to determine as "more than 1,000 factors that go into it, including age, past driving record and where you drive." He says that the offense will appear on DMV records and will be noted for new customers or a policy renewal. His advice? "Slow down for your own safety. You'll also save on gas."

    Do you need a lawyer?

    David Haenel, at Florida's fightyourticket.com, says a lawyer's job is to "explain the legal defense fully and make sure the officer can prove the case beyond reasonable doubt, to the same standard as a criminal case." He will check that a police radar has been properly calibrated and that citation records written up in a patrol car or aircraft match those on the ticket. More often than not, a driver's financial situation will dictate whether they hire a lawyer.

    Repeat offenders

    Most states will escalate punishment when a second offense has occurred within a given time period -- often five years. In most states, license suspension becomes mandatory and jail time also lengthens. In the case of a third offense, jail time could be mandatory. Officer Ramirez of the CHP confirms that these offenses are known as "significant abuses" and could merit jail time. Advice? If possible avoid getting one in first place. And if you get a second or third, look out!

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    Ron97470 Mar 27, 2011 10:11 PM
    d252krv, you are the type of pathetic ******* that give motorcyclists a bad name. I have ridden and raced motorcycles for over 50 years. The only place for speeds like that are on a closed track. I have done 263.58 MPH at Firebird Lake. I have seen plenty of hotshot bikers like yourself come and go. I see in your future you becoming a mere grease spot on the pavement. I live in Oregon and police here catch your type all the time. And they have caught and prosecuted bikers doing in excess of 200. Penalty is a mandatory minimum $5000 fine, six months in jail and 2 years suspension of license. Second offense is 5 years in prison and permanent revocation of license. It's a matter of time before the presence of sand, mud, oil or leaves takes you down fatally.
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    snickers23185 Aug 20, 2010 10:22 PM
    As you may know, Virginia is the only state that bans the use and sale of detectors. There is no evidence that the detector ban increases highway safety. Our nations fatality rates have fallen consistently for almost two decades. Virginias fatality rate has also fallen, but not any more dramatically than it has nationwide. Research has even shown that radar detector owners have a lower accident rate than motorists who do not own a detector. Maintaining the ban is not in the best interest of Virginians or visitors to the state. I know and know of people that will not drive in Virginia due to this ban. Unjust enforcement practices are not unheard of, and radar detectors can keep safe motorists from being exploited by abusive speed traps. Likewise, the ban has a negative impact on Virginias business community. Electronic distributors lose business to neighboring states and Virginia misses out on valuable sales tax revenue. Radar detector bans do not work. Research and experience show that radar detector bans do not result in lower accident rates, improved speed-limit compliance or reduce auto insurance expenditures. The Virginia radar detector ban is difficult and expensive to enforce. The Virginia ban diverts precious law enforcement resources from more important duties. Radar detectors are legal in the rest of the nation, in all 49 other states. In fact, the first state to test a radar detector ban, Connecticut, repealed the law it ruled the law was ineffective and unfair. It is time for our Virginia to join the rest of the nation. It has never been shown that radar detectors cause accidents or even encourage motorists to drive faster than they would otherwise. The Yankelovich Clancy Shulman Radar Detector Study conducted in 1987, showed that radar detector users drove an average of 34% further between accidents (233,933 miles versus 174,554 miles) than non radar detector users. The study also showed that they have much higher seat belt use compliance. If drivers with radar detectors have fewer accidents, it follows that they have reduced insurance costs it is counterproductive to ban radar detectors. In a similar study performed in Great Britain by MORI in 2001 the summary reports that "Users (of radar detectors) appear to travel 50% further between accidents than non-users. In this survey the users interviewed traveling on average 217,353 miles between accidents compared to 143,401 miles between accidents of those non-users randomly drawn from the general public." The MORI study also reported "Three quarters agree, perhaps unsurprisingly, that since purchasing a radar detector they have become more conscious about keeping to the speed limit..." and "Three in five detector users claim to have become a safer driver since purchasing a detector." Modern radar detectors play a significant role in preventing accidents and laying the technology foundation for the Safety Warning System (SWS). Radar detectors with SWS alert motorists to oncoming emergency vehicles, potential road hazards, and unusual traffic conditions. There are more than 10 million radar detectors with SWS in use nationwide. The federal government has earmarked $2.1 million for further study of the SWS over a three-year period of time. The U.S. Department of Transportation is administering grants to state and local governments to purchase the SWS system and study its effectiveness (for example, in the form of SWS transmitters for school buses and emergency vehicles). The drivers of Virginia deserve the right to the important safety benefits that SWS delivers. *** A small surcharge($5-$10) or tax(2%-3%) could be added to the price of the device to make-up for any possible loss of revenue from reduced number of speeding tickets and the loss of tickets written for radar detectors.*** Please sign this petition and help to repeal this ban and give drivers in Virginia the freedom to know if they are under surveillance and to use their property legally: www.stoptheban.org http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/repeal-the-virginia-radar-detector-ban
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    vaustin845 Aug 08, 2010 6:07 AM
    It really makes me laugh when I hear people getting so mad when a police gives them a ticket for speeding. Of all the tickets given out, only about 5% of these people don't realize that they were speeding. Everyone else knows when they are going over the HWY speed limit, even if it's 5, 8, 12 miles over. If a police pulls you over and doesn't give you a ticket then this is a good person, if the police officer gives you a ticket for breaking the law, then this person is a ass**** when really your just mad because you got caught. Yes they have a job to do, to uphold the law, and speeding is breaking the law. Have I received speeding tickets over the last 30 years...yes...and everyone that I received I was speeding and breaking the law. Did I get mad at the cop for giving me the ticket...Yes...but I was really mad at myself because I got caught. OK...they have quota's, so what...if so many people out there are speeding and breaking the law then these people are helping them make the quota. Every time a police officer pulls someone over, this police officer doesn't know what the reaction is going to be from the driver of the vehicle. The police officer doesn't know when he walks up to a vehicle will a gun be pointed at their face so the police officer needs to walk up to the vehicle very causes...if we didn't have speed limits on our roads and didn't have police officers doing their job, just think of all the lives that would be loss. So do everyone a favor....Don't speed...If you get caught...be nice...their just doing their jobs...do they make mistakes...yes...we all do...Police officers are human and do make mistakes....Just like you and I do....Slow down...enjoy the ride and get their safely.
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    azslrdeafnude Aug 06, 2010 2:59 PM
    let you know arizona highways and freeways no longer have photo radar shut down july 23rd due no money to keep it going
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    spikedchez Jul 29, 2010 12:21 PM
    I used to work on a Radio Station in Mammoth Lakes and was driving back from a Pink Floyd Concert in Pasadena. I was doing about 110 on an empty strech on 395 when an Officer pulled me over. I saw the red lights and considered how on my meager radio pay I was going to pay what I knew would be a massive ticket, with visions of daily blood donations running through my mind Officier walked toward my car. I noticed he was studying my licience plate. I did a mental file sweep to remember if I had my new registration tag on my plate. Then in horror I remembered it was in my glove compartment. Mentally adding an extra $100.00 to the cost of the potential massive ticket and wondering what 6 months of eating nothing but Cup O Noodles was going to be like he came to the Drivers door asked for my licience and registration. I complied and asked what the problem was. He told me that I was going a little fast with a tone of sarcasm that told me he didn't buy my innocent act . Then he asked me if I was on the radio? I told him yes and he told me he and his girlfriend love my show. Turned out they were classic rock fans, loved the fact that I turned the station from adult contempery elavator music to Rock. The Officier then closed his ticket book. Said he'd let me off if I played " I Don't Want to Wait Anymore " by the Tubes and dedicate it to Rita from .... the guy let me off so I better not use his name. I agreed instantly he told me to slow down and let me go! Post script I was driving through the same strech of the 395 I was pulled over again by the same cop who shook my hand told me the dedication so pleased his girlfriend that he had a great evening (he didn't say great evening but this AOL and children may be reading) Got back in his car and drove away with me at the side of the road shaking my head and wondering if that just happened. What a long strange trip it was!
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    ussmaloy791 Jul 21, 2010 2:54 AM
    There has been many times when I was traveveling 15-20 mpg over over the limit and been passed by sy state troopers lights ot sirens, doinging about about 90 mph. They are Citizens same as Me and have no right right to exceeed the posted speed limit without emergency lights & sirens, ( Read the State Laws ) If They Can, I Can. End of story I got stopped by the State Police Mod Squaw for Truckers for, in R.I. If Yu are in a Truck, You can drive in the second lane, However an obscure note says if there is construction in the area, you must must move over one more lane to the right, Of Course My Ins. Co. got Notifitied I got a Ticket, However they could not figure out out why ?, Just Shows, if their ticket Mim is Low they Gotta Find Somethetng
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    twbcpa Jul 20, 2010 9:32 PM
    My toy is a Superformance VIII based upon the 65 Shelby Cobra. For me it is fun to go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. Going in excess of 100 mph is a thrill and does get your heart pumping. However there is a time and place for everything. In this case it is certainly not on the streets or highways. There are a number of closed tracks that will let you go to the limit under supervised conditions. All I am saying is that if you want the rush, then get the training and go for it on the track. The end result is no tickets or placing any one else in danger. If you can not abide by the rules of the road then you have no business having a license or driving.
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    florida1busman Jul 20, 2010 10:15 AM
    Does anyone really need to drive that fast? An accident, or as most law enforcement people call them now, a collision, at that speed almost certainly will result in someone dying. Most likely, the person driving the speed limit wll be the one to really pay the price for such irresponsible driving!
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    wmathess Jul 20, 2010 6:45 AM
    Well. I have a friend that's a West Virginia State Trooper here in Lewis County and if I get any type of fine or ticket from the law he'll cancel it out for me or my wife or sons. So that's a plus for me!
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    im2foxy2b Jul 19, 2010 9:14 PM
    I must say after teaching driver improvement in the state of Va., since 1992 what you have printed is wrong. It is reckless driving if your speedometer hits 80 or you are traveling 20 miles over the posted speed limit. At least in Virginia, if you haven't been to driver improvement in the last five years you can at least ask the judge to allow you to attend a class to keep it off of your driving record.
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    chmirage Jul 19, 2010 8:57 PM
    In Florida the county I was raised in if your are of the cops immediate family (mom, dad, wife, kid) your given a card to carry with you. When stopped you simply produce the card and 98% of the time you are not given a ticket and yes you can be speeding in the triple digits, reckless driving etc. Only about 2% of the cops will give a ticket and tell them to tell their kin "Hello". Its frowned on by the brothers/sisters in blue when you get a ticket after showing the card. Interesting they even have a website and that is one of the blogs as a cops mom or wife got a ticket after showing the card and the cop was very upset and had to write his fellow officers on the blog and tell them ************* yes some cops do break the laws and then wonder why the people act just like them.
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    mck10599 Jul 19, 2010 8:57 PM
    PAYMYOWNWAY . . . I don't recall saying my daughters should NOT receive tickets from POLICE OFFICERS. What I tell them is to be courteous to the OFFICERS. It is the OPTION of the OFFICER to write a citation or not. Ex.: 16+ years ago a man went through a red light two seconds after the light turned red. After pulling him over, I asked him if he realized why I was stopping him. He answered, Yes officer, I ran through the red light. The man provided me with a valid Drivers License, proof of insurance (no I did not check to see his coverage) . He stated he he was distracted by one of his three kids in the car (all in child seats or seatbelts). I handed him his D/L and Ins. card back, told him to have a good night and be careful. As I stated in my 1st ********** an option for the officer. Both of my daughters have received speeding tickets. NOT my dads the police, don't give me a ticket.
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    jglicks198 Jul 19, 2010 8:12 PM
    Just came from Germany. A lot of stretches on Autobahn don't have speed limit at all. So I bought in May for my 55th birthday MB CL65 AMG and sheeped overthere. Who doesn't know - Mercedes Benz Coupe, two door, V-12, 6 liter, twin turbo engine. Drove on Autobahn for one week. Unforgettable pleasure!!! Left lane is empty, its only used by real speeders with over 100 mph. Everybody else on the middle and right lanes. Absolute correctnese. Everybody watch the road. Came back home. Drove 15 mph above the limit on MB at the area which for unknown reason has 35 mph limit. Got ticket. Drove home Got Toyota FJ Cruser. Drove to the same street. Saw the same police car. Drove 15 mph above speed limit. He even didn't look at me . Discrimination!!!!
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    flsuzieqt Jul 19, 2010 8:12 PM
    Well There are law's for a reason and sometime;s there not alway's rite and sometime's I'm not alway's rite! I've had a couple ticket's and got out of a couple too!!
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    d252krv Jul 19, 2010 8:11 PM
    Virginia drivers are the worst drivers EVER!!! 80+ MPH in a 70MPH Zone is reckless, what a joke. Instead of creating HOV lanes why not create an OLD FOLKS lane. Lets call it the Senior Citizens lane. Stop holding up traffic, and MOVE B****. Driving beside each other during 51MPH in a 55MPH. When Im on my bike I blow pass you a**holes during 170+ on my GSX-R1000! F*** the police and never stop for the cops. If you want to do the speed limit or youre going to drive slow thats fine move your slow a** over to the slow lane and stop trying to hold up traffic. Trying to get through the tunnels in Virginia with these a**holes is pathetic.
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    addy692002 Jul 19, 2010 8:07 PM
    I hate to tell whatever person wrote this article but "85" is NOT the limit for reckless driving in Virginia - where I *live*.... it is considered "reckless driving" if you go 17+mph over the CURRENT SPEED LIMIT whether you're changing lanes or not, period, *anywhere*.
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    paymyownway Jul 19, 2010 8:07 PM
    To the cop: You said you have told your daughters to say they are the children of a cop (you) and that is absolutely wrong. I have never (knock on wood) received a moving violation or been involved in any accident. I am extremely cautious, respectful of other drivers (even the *********...), and that is likely WHY I have not received a ticket. I think every one of us make "mistakes" once in a while. (Ooops...pulled out in front of someone we swear wasn't there a second ago....or....turned left onto a "no left turn"....But I don't believe the majority of drivers are making "mistakes." I believe the majority of drivers are "ME FIRSTERS." "Get out of my way" drivers. I hope every one of you aggressive ********* gets tickets, cause you deserve em'. If I should get one, I will apologize, and it will be sincere. Until then, I will continue to do my best to avoid accidents and follow driving laws/rules. My insurance? Two/2 4x4 pickups (2009 and 2005): I pay $743.00 every 6 months for both vehicles with 2 drivers: I don't do the 100/300K any longer. I do 250/500K, Unis/Under, 500 Ded. Comp./Coll....I also added a separaate unbrella and homeowners. State Farm does not wave glass. I just had a chip fixed ($40.00) out of MY pocket. Allstate (had for years) did wave glass deductables, but their overall insurance is much more. So, back to the reason for commeting. I think cops should give people a break who truly made a mistake. Those who drive 45 in a 35...well that's no mistake. TO ALL THE TEXTERS: IF I SHOULD EVER WITNESS A CAR ACCIDENT WHERE EITHER DRIVER IS TEXTING, I WILL STICK AROUND AND MAKE DAMN SURE IT'S PUT INTO THE P OLICE REPORT.
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    aojnbe Jul 19, 2010 8:07 PM
    This article was terrible and offered nothing useful
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    jmenor3 Jul 19, 2010 8:03 PM
    Speeding gets you to your destination mere minutes earlier than normal. Getting stopped for speeding will delay you by about 1/2 hour. You choose.
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    hairdisc Jul 19, 2010 8:00 PM
    I had a lacreny committed to me and the cops said they a\were too busy to handle the case. Well. I think they should be mtoo busy to give out tickets too!! Less of a crime, yes...it brings more money to ?? I am libertarian and would like this non working government to get out of my space.
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