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Dashcam Shows Trooper Saving Man Attempting To Jump Off Bridge

A Maryland state trooper stopped a man attempting to end his life by jumping off a bridge Sunday by tackling him to the ground....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News

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Tesla Model S Proves Troublesome For Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports long-term test of the Tesla Model S was besieged with technical glitches and unscheduled maintenance stops....

CATEGORIES: Green Cars, Tesla News and Reviews, Electric Vehicles

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Stolen Cars No Longer A Big Problem In Big Cities

New York is experiencing a dramatic drop in car thefts thanks to new laws and technology that make stealing cars unprofitable. Car thefts have dropped over 95 percent in the last two decades in the...


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America Is Running Out Of Truck Drivers

America runs on trucks, but not enough young people are hearing the call of the road and that has trucking companies facing a major labor shortage, according to Business Insider....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News

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Wyoming Is The Most Expensive State To Own A Car, Iowa The Cheapest

A new report found Wyoming is the most expensive state to own a car, with Iowa coming in as the cheapest....

CATEGORIES: Car Care, Gas Prices

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Drivers Stare Into Police Headlights As Punishment For Misusing High Beams

Police in Shenzhen, China are hoping thoughtless drivers who blind others with their high-beams will see the light after being forced to stare at police headlights as punishment....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News, Traffic

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'Navdy' Aims To Take The Distraction Out Of Driving

A new electronic device hopes to catch drivers attention spans up with technology by projecting cellphone functions into driver's view of the road....

CATEGORIES: Car Gadgets, Car Safety, Driving

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NASCAR's Stewart Hits, Kills Driver On NY Track

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart struck and killed a sprint car driver who had climbed from his car and was on the track trying to confront Stewart during a race in upstate New York on Saturday night....

CATEGORIES: Automotive News, Driving, Car Crashes

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New Jersey May Shield Drivers From Other States' Red Light, Speed Cameras

New Jersey may soon prohibit other states from issuing traffic citations to its residents for alleged violations that were caught on speed or red-light cameras....

CATEGORIES: Speeding Tickets, Driving Laws, Traffic

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Hyundai Fined $17.35 Million For Delayed Recall

Hyundai has agreed to pay a $17.35 million fine for delayed reporting of a brake defect affecting Genesis luxury cars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Thursday....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Hyundai News and Reviews

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Think Air Travel Is Risky? Try Driving A Car

Air travel fatalities are widely publicized, but more people die in car accidents every year. Our perceptions of risk are skewed....

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Driving, Car Crashes, Traffic

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Parents Just As Guilty Of Distracted Driving As Teens

A new study found that parents are not only engaging in risky driving behavior, but are also doing so with their driving-age teens along for the ride....

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Driving

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Which Month Is The Best Month To Buy A New Car?

Throw out everything you thought you knew about car shopping. According to a big new study from TrueCar, August -- not late December as is commonly accepted -- is the best month to buy a new car....

CATEGORIES: Car Buying Tips, Saving Money

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How Hackable Are New Cars?

When buying a car, consumers look for crash ratings and the amount of airbags, but they're missing information about one critical key safety feature; the security of the car's computer network....

CATEGORIES: Automotive Technology, Weird Car News

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Missile Strike Lands Just Ahead Of Speeding Car, Disaster Ensues

Dash cam captures car getting hit with rocket in Ukraine....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News

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Has Pot Legalization Affected Colorado's Driving Fatalities?

Colorado's recent legalization of recreational marijuana has fueled fears about public safety on roadways, with critics pointing to the drug's negative effect on cognitive ability and reaction time....

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Driving Laws, Weird Car News, Drunk Driving

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Senator Pushes For Up To Life Sentence For Auto Execs Found To Delay Recalls

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has had it with automotive execs stalling when it comes to recalls. The Missiourian has proposed a new bill, the Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety Enhancement Act,...

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Automotive News, GM News

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Consumers Have Logged More Than 1,000 CarMax Complaints

Consumers have logged more than 1,500 complaints with the Federal Trade Commission regarding used-car seller CarMax over the past three years, according to the agency's records....

CATEGORIES: Cheap Cars, Car Dealers

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Ford Announces Free Brake-Pad Offer If Customers Stop By Dealers

Ford Motor Company is going beyond providing just basic maintenance for at least one part of its cars. As of now, if you buy a set of Motorcraft brake pads for a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury model, you...

CATEGORIES: Car Brakes, Car Dealers

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Son Gives Father The Surprise Of A Lifetime

A son gives his father the car of his dreams....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News

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