Nissan Cube recall

    The Nissan Cube is among over 700,000 cars Nissan is recalling the U.S. for engine stall problems. (Nissan)

    Nissan is recalling 2.14 million vehicles worldwide including the popular March and Mycra subcompacts for an ignition problem that may stall the engine -- its third-largest recall ever.

    No accidents have been reported that are suspected of being caused by the defect, according to Yokohama-based Nissan Motor Co. The recall affects cars in the the United States, Europe and Japan.

    A problem was found in an ignition-system part called the relay for vehicles produced from August 2003 through July 2006, including small cars like the March, Cube and Note, and about a dozen other models, such as the Tiida sedan, Titan pickup and Infiniti QX56 luxury model.

    In extreme cases, the engine will stall and won't be able to start, said Nissan spokesman Mitsuru Yonekawa.

    Of the recalled vehicles, nearly 835,000 were produced in Japan, 762,000 in North America, and 354,000 in Europe.

    Nissan, which is allied with Renault SA of France, did not disclose a cost for the recall, but it may be relatively cheap requiring just a half hour to fix.

    The cars were produced in Japan, the U.S., Great Britain, Spain, China and Taiwan.

    The massive numbers involved in recent recalls are linked to cost-cutting strategies that result in the same parts being used in many models.

    Toyota Motor Corp., the world's biggest automaker, has suffered a spate of recalls over the last year, totaling more than 10 million vehicles worldwide for sticky gas pedals, floor mats that can trap accelerators, brake fluid leaks and other problems.

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    Maggieworsell Mar 04, 2011 9:06 AM
    MY Nissan xtrail 54 plate has been in the garage for 6 weeks now,it has only done 48000 miles the fuel pump has gone ,it has been replaced but they are unable to program it? what is going on?i dread to think how much this will cost
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    Nicholasskipp Mar 03, 2011 9:52 PM
    I own two Nissan's a 05 Murano and Pathfinder. Both were great ideas good reviews, only problem these two were anything but, I have sunk around $4,000 in repairs to the Murano, Yes the iconic Murano I must have a lemon Murano, 124,000 miles owned for three years. the Pathfinder around $2,000 in repairs, although better quality then the Murano, Who would have thought? The Murano is built in Japan the Pathfinder is built in America. Too bad I like both vehicles just break down more then expected from a foriegn car maker such as Nissan. I read and sometimes hear good reviews on their vehicles so far I'm not impressed. the most reliable car I owned was a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Ave. 3.8 motor with 300,000 and cost me around $1,000 in repairs over five years. Go figure I guess it's all role of the dice. Some win more then others but all car makers make lemons and lots of them. Just have to be the lucky ones, kind of like the lottery. Good luck, Non here so far.
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    Heltonhun Feb 28, 2011 7:13 PM
    In July I bought my first Nissan,a new 2010 CUBE.Over the years ,when my husband was living,we mostly bought Fords.A friend,who has had quite a few Nissans,was the cause of me switching.I have a stick shift and am really enjoying driving it.Even the sixth gear is nice.With the price of gasoline climbing,it is nice to get almost 34 mpg.Glad I traded for one.NO RECALLS YET--- F.H.
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    Prkchopxxx Jan 30, 2011 10:43 AM
    why dont you american car lovers read the recall on the cadillac srx where a leak in the power steering line may get on hot engine parts and cause fires. then do a search on problems with saturn vues, same issue they have been having since around 06 or 07 you would think the great american car manufacturer who took the taxpayers money and ran would be able to figure that problem out after what 5 years now? yeah buy american so you and your families can burn to a crisp like the automakers burned through your hard earned money.
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    Prkchopxxx Jan 30, 2011 10:36 AM
    oh and by the way just totalled out an 04 infiniti fx35 that i bought 2 years ago and put 36k miles on, guess what insurance company paid me over 2 grand more than what i paid for it 2 years ago, hows that for a vehicle that retains its value. choice is easy for me buy foreign if you want something to last and maintain its value
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    Prkchopxxx Jan 30, 2011 10:33 AM
    anyone who thinks ford did not take any of the bailout money and did it all on their own is a fool. ford took milions of dollars in bail out money, along with companies like mcdonalds, and who paid for all that bailout money? the taxpayers so in essence we all bought american but I sure as hell wont drive american.
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    Xo Dec 19, 2010 11:49 AM
    My 1995 Nissan Sentra with 213,000 one-owner miles has been recalled 4 times for minor issues. I don\'t care, I\'m glad Nissan identifies their screwups and fixes them for nothing. I\'d rather drive a safe, recalled car than one with an unsafe, covered-up issue. Also, my high-mileage Sentra still gets 32-34 mpg hwy/27 city. Granted, I now have occasional repairs to deal with; but in the long run, those repairs have cost less than a car payment per month. Nissan lover here!
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    Sonzaid Dec 19, 2010 3:01 AM
    nissan quest 04 junk replaced parts that should not be replaced in short time . transmition now needs replacement 94thou miles. won't buy another
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    aragonk3 Dec 10, 2010 10:31 PM
    I have a 1999 Jeep Grand cherokee Limited , with 378,267 miles on it. Best 4x4 I've ever owned. I have had both Ford and GM 4x4's and both were junk. If I need to buy another it will be Jeep nothing else.
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    jomarmeat Dec 08, 2010 9:19 AM
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    jfpd Nov 19, 2010 8:41 PM
    Has anyone ever gone into any one of the Union Officers around the US and looked at all the made in the USA equipment there and then take a look outside in the parking lot to see how many American made cars are in the parking lot or visited any of the union officers homes to see how many American made items they have there? stop all the crap about made in the US there is no such thing the only things being made in the US now is children being born to non citizens who are just like the unions milk everyone else until there is nothing left.
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    mtorin04 Nov 14, 2010 11:40 PM
    i love being a mechanic
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    preethamlv Nov 08, 2010 1:23 AM
    am worried about my Micra
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    cdeac5 Nov 05, 2010 11:34 AM
    We have owned many different vehicles during the 33 years I have been driving. Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges, oldsmobile. nissan. There have been things about each one that I liked and disliked. Right now we have a 2004 F150 and a 2008 Nissan Altima. So far I have had no problems with either of these vehicles. I love them both and would buy another of either vehicle. I don't think it's always the problem with the manufacturer, sometimes it's the consumer who makes the problems.
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    jcarterwc Oct 28, 2010 10:09 PM
    I drive a 1996 Sentra that has 198,000 miles on it. I'm currently looking for a new car, but the Sentra is running fine.
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    rdcapy Oct 28, 2010 6:29 PM
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    indyanime Oct 28, 2010 6:18 PM
    Just out of curiosity how many of Your American Car Makers have foreign investors or engines for that matter. Dodge has been running foreign engines in domestic cars and selling it to the public for years. They have had VW engines and Mitsubishi which is Oh Yeah Japanese. Good Luck buying an American car that isn't assembled in Mexico to name another sham. Educate Yourself don't be a Victim all Your life.
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    iamthephish Oct 28, 2010 6:16 PM
    So what, Toyota and Nissan did recalls, at least they are fixin the things. Bein a mechanic, I like seeing recalls, as it means the company building them actually cares about the product they build. I get a laugh, when I see people saying on here, "buy american" they are the best, last forever blah blah blah. Tell ya what, take the make and model of any "american" car and find a forum, you will find thousands of people complaining about problems they are having, and the manufacturer DOES NOTHING TO FIX THEM. Not to mention, your 1999 chevy with 240,xxx on the odometer is worth LESS in resale then a 1989 toyota truck with 440,000 on the odometer, I wonder why that is????
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    ddan8719 Oct 28, 2010 6:11 PM
    My congradulations to all of the asian lovers out there who insist on sending japan or korea around 20 to 40 grand every time the buy that new asian dreamride..not smart enough to figure out that there money DOES NOT stay in this nation..sure some are assembled here..but your dollars return to the asian shores...pure genuis..
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    prcjnpric Oct 28, 2010 6:02 PM
    Me & my husband has a 2007 Nissan Armada 4x4 loaded and WE love this big tank on wheels, very good gas milaeage, pulls very good.. And will run like a raped ape.. I want never have nothing elsa but a Nissan, they are built to handle what they are made for... PLUS it has ALL the room that we need for a family of 5, we took a trip to Texas with our 3 kids, my husband and myself and my mother along with our belongings and STILL had room and was very comfrontable going & coming back..... The only trouble that we have ever had was the gas gage and they fixed that for free and one of the seat belt locks light came on saying that the air bag wouldn't work if we where to have a wreck they also replaced that for free too... SO we are still very happy with our Armada...
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