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  • Techsplanations: Extended-Range Electric Vehicles
    Techsplanations: Extended-Range Electric Vehicles

    If you're tired of shelling out cash at the gas pump, but aren't ready to go all-electric, there's an alternative that might be right for you. Extended-range vehicles can travel significant distances on an electric charge, but have a backup......

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  • Techsplanations: Infotainment
    Techsplanations: Infotainment

    If it's been a while since your last new vehicle purchase, you might be surprised by what you see when you get behind the wheel for your next test drive. What was once referred to as the car's radio now more closely resembles a smartphone o......

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  • Techsplanations: Park Assist
    Techsplanations: Park Assist

    The parallel park. One of the most dreaded car maneuvers imaginable, this tricky park job is the bane of driving instructors and unpracticed suburbanites alike. To combat parking phobia and unintentional rear-endings Mercedes-Benz, has a so......

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  • Techsplanations: Pedestrian Safety Design
    Techsplanations: Pedestrian Safety Design

    For decades, engineers have worked diligently to make people safer inside their vehicles. But more recently, safety engineers and designers have begun to make people safer outside of vehicles in the event of a collision.Pedestrian safety de......

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  • Techsplanations: Owning An Electric Car
    Techsplanations: Owning An Electric Car

    Electric cars have been around for decades, but it hasn't been until recently that they have been controversial.The U.S. government, as well as influential cities and states like Colorado, New York and California, have committed to increasi......

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  • How Cars Are Becoming Mobile Offices
    How Cars Are Becoming Mobile Offices

    Click through to check out some of the newest technologies available and how it can help different businesses....

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  • Six Technologies Every Car Should Have
    Six Technologies Every Car Should Have

    Find out which features that are optional on some vehicles, or not even available from some automakers, should be standard on every car and truck....

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  • Good Government: Stability Control Systems Really Saving Lives
    Good Government: Stability Control Systems Really Saving Lives

    There is often a debate over whether government regulation is good or bad. But in the case of Uncle Sam's mandate that all new cars have electronic stability control, the news is good. According to data assembled by Consumer Reports, 2,200 ......

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  • The Five Technologies You Must Understand Before You Buy Your Next Car
    The Five Technologies You Must Understand Before You Buy Your Next Car

    Click through to see some of the most important technology in many vehicles and why you should know what it does before you buy....

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  • Techsplanations: Lane Departure Warning Systems
    Techsplanations: Lane Departure Warning Systems

    Keeping on the straight and narrow has never been so simple.And it's only going to get easier, as most carmakers begin installing Lane Departure Warning Systems to assist in the battle against distracted driving.What is it?The technology, d......

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  • The Top 20 Dumbest Cars Of All Time
    The Top 20 Dumbest Cars Of All Time

    Earlier this month, AOL Autos gave you what we felt were "The 20 Smartest Vehicles of All Tiime," so here are the 20 Dumbest....

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  • Techsplanations: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
    Techsplanations: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

    Before every car, SUV and truck sold in America gets turned into a gas-electric hybrid or all-electric vehicle to meet stiffer fuel economy standards imposed by the government, automakers are adding more and more technology that has been ar......

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  • Techsplanations: Driving On Clean Diesel
    Techsplanations: Driving On Clean Diesel

    "Diesel fuel" is one of those terms that divides drivers and vehicle owners. To some, it elicits "Cool," and "Fun." To others, the term brings out "Ugh!" But it is really all about knowing the facts, and understanding how diesel fuel works ......

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  • Techsplanations: Tire Tread Technology
    Techsplanations: Tire Tread Technology

    Pirelli has distinguished itself in the tire market by creating products for its performance and racecars with technology that can then be applied to luxury and general consumer cars. The brand's renewed foray into Formula 1 racing after a ......

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  • Techsplanations: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
    Techsplanations: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

    To scientists, running vehicles on hydrogen makes all the sense in the world. Hydrogen can be derived from so many different things, including water, and constitutes roughly 75 percent of the universe's chemical elemental mass.Consumers, ho......

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  • Techsplanations: Turbo Charging For The Family Car
    Techsplanations: Turbo Charging For The Family Car

    Turbo chargers have been around the auto industry for decades, typically used to boost the performance of already powerful engines. But today, the turbo is showing up in cars, SUVs and trucks of every stripe and price to boost fuel economy.......

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  • Techsplanations: Collision Avoidance Systems
    Techsplanations: Collision Avoidance Systems

    In 1989, AOL Editor-in-Chief David Kiley was in a collision that could have taken his life. He was driving a Buick Roadmaster, a heavy aircraft-carrier of a sedan. As he was stopped in a left-turn lane, he looked up at the light to see if i......

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  • Techsplanations: Check Engine Light
    Techsplanations: Check Engine Light

    It glows on your car's dashboard and instantly ignites terror and loathing in the hearts and wallets of drivers; the dreaded "Check Engine" warning light.For some, it is a minor irritant to be ignored. Even Public Television's "Car Guys" jo......

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  • AWD Vehicles
    AWD Vehicles

    All-wheel-drive vehicles have systems in which the engine drives all four wheels at the same time, as opposed to just the front wheels in most cars. By means of sensors and the vehicle's central computer power from the engine is routed to each wheel depen...

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  • Techsplanations: All-Wheel Drive
    Techsplanations: All-Wheel Drive

    The Northeast, Great Lakes and even Seattle have been hit with winter storms this week. Is it time to consider whether or not you need or want an all-wheel drive-car or SUV to better handle the snow and slush?Not surprisingly, sales of all-......

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