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  • Behind The Smart-Nissan Alliance
    Behind The Smart-Nissan Alliance

    Smart USA, which markets the tiny smart Fortwo city car, has been facing an uncertain future in the U.S., as sales have tanked since its splashy debut in 2008. Part of the problem is that it has just one model for sale -- but help is on the......

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  • After A Few Years, Smart Proves It Isnt
    After A Few Years, Smart Proves It Isnt

    With fuel economy on everyone’s mind in 2008, the pint-sized Smart Fortwo brought its eccentric styling and European flair to the United States looking to tackle a new market. The Fortwo was designed for crowded urban driving and its ......

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  • Get Smart

    An impractical oversized roller skate or the future of urban motoring? The Smart Car is part of the permanent exhibits at New York's Museum of Modern Art , so clearly someone quite likes it. Opinions on the Smart ForTwo differ, but what's f......

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  • DaimlerChrysler Teams With Penske to Bring Smart Car to US Market

    DETROIT (AP) - DaimlerChrysler AG will team with former auto racer and businessman Roger Penske to sell its funky two-seat Smart car in the U.S. starting early in 2008, the automaker's CEO said Wednesday.The decision - announced by DaimlerC......

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  • Is the Smart Car For You?

    NEW YORK (AP) - At just 8 feet, 8 inches long and about 5 feet wide, the two-seat Smart car turned heads as it rolled through Manhattan one recent evening at rush hour.Pedestrians in Times Square gawked. In front of Grand Central Terminal, ......

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  • Smart Move

    SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Sometimes big headaches come in small packages.That's what a California company called Zap (ZP) has discovered in trying to import the tiny, European-made Smart car.Only now, after three years of working to get the cars......

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