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  • Blurring the Lines

    For once, I am flummoxed. I cannot fathom whether my experience of Mercedes-Benz's new CLS55 AMG has been an automotive one or an aesthetic ...

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  • 2006 Bentley Continental GT

    The Bentley Continental GT is a monumental departure for this conservative British builder of ultra-rare and luxurious cars: It brings an en...

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  • XLR-ate

    A high-performance version of Cadillac's sexy XLR roadster, called the XLR-V, debuts for 2006, with a 469-hp supercharged V8. Changes to the...

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  • 2006 Jaguar XKR Test Drives

    What's NewNew in this final-year model is an optional Victory Edition interior and, introduced last year, a standard Automatic Speed Limiter...

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  • My, What a Maybach

    Maybach is Mercedes-Benz's ultra-luxury brand intended to compete with Bentley and Rolls-Royce.The Maybach 62 (pronounced "MY-bock") is the ...

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  • GTI Reborn

    If you know the difference between a GTI and a regular Golf and care enough to read this review, then you probably don't need me to regurgit...

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  • Hot Pepper

    It was not by accident that Porsche chose to introduce the 2006 Cayenne Turbo S on its own world-class (assembly-line adjacent) racetrack in...

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  • Along Came a Spyder

    I've always had a different view of Lamborghinis than most people I know. While others saw them as some ultimate slice of Italian automotive...

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  • 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

    There are two overriding reasons to buy a gas-electric hybrid vehicle like the Toyota Highlander Hybrid: increased fuel efficiency and reduc...

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  • 2006 Infiniti FX45

    The already impressive handling offered by Infiniti's FX45 gets even better with the 2006 models.This midsize SUV -- which debuted in 2003 a...

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  • Most Luxurious of 06

    Even the most modest car riding the American road today offers luxuries unimaginable on the most expensive automobiles 50 years ago. Power w...

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  • Road Test Review: 2006 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged

    Sport might be something an Australian calls his buddy at the bar. As in: "G'day, sport, can I get you a beer?" But as used in the acronym S...

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  • Fastest Cars of 2006

    Get behind the wheel of a supercar and you’ll have to redefine your idea of a fast car. You’ll also want to trade in your golf-clu...

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  • Four Door F1 Car

    Business 2.0 Magazine -- Lawlessness, or at least the ability to transform a shapeless innocent into a scofflaw, is a seldom-discussed featu...

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  • 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8

    If you're the type of person who looks at the day's news and forecasts nothing but doom, gloom and societal collapse for the future, the Dod...

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  • 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

    Never mind its distinguished military service or distant relatives that set the stage for today’s throng of SUVs; this is a Jeep like ...

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  • 2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS

    If there's one thing the TrailBlazer wasn't crying out for it was more power. A new interior, maybe... but not more power!To my mind, the 30...

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  • Best American Cars 2006

    Are American cars and carmakers getting a fair shake? Amidst all the bad news and management missteps, despite the overreliance on gas-guzzl...

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  • Best Summer Cars 2006

    Drop-top season is here again. And once again, auto dealers are stocking their lots with attractive open-air roadsters and dreamy convertibl...

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  • Cool Police Cruiser

    I've got some good news and some bad news, depending on your propensity to break the law.The good people of America will be glad to know tha...

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