Believe it or not, the date on which you go to the dealership makes a difference in how much you pay for a new car (Lisa Moss, AOL).

    by: Michael Zak | AOL Autos

    Here at AOL Autos, we recommend doing quite a bit of research before you go out shopping for your next new vehicle at the dealership. In fact, arming yourself with the right knowledge can put you at a significant advantage over the next car buyer and, if you play your cards right, you could end up walking away with a deal.

    Because we want you to get the best possible deal on a new car, we are going to let you in on a powerful car-shopping tool -- a tool so powerful that it can put you at an advantage over the dealership, days or even weeks before you set foot on the showroom floor.

    That tool is a calendar.

    That’s right, an analysis done by TrueCar of enormous amounts of data shows that there are actually specific best and worst days to buy a car every single month. Though there have been fairly consistent public protests against the idea of dealers charging different prices on a day-to-day basis, the research doesn’t lie: the day that you buy your car matters. 

    What makes a specific day “better” than any other, you ask? According to TrueCar’s data, select days offer the largest potential for a discount off of a vehicle’s MSRP. In other words, the price you pay on a new vehicle could be significantly higher or lower today than the price you would pay if you held off on shopping until tomorrow or next week due to the dealer offering fluctuating percentages off of the price of a car.

    And though many experts, including our own editors as well as those at Kelley Blue Book tend to stick to the common belief that the best time to buy a car is the end of the month, there could very well be “best” days can be more fruitful than others if you're looking for a deal.

    For instance, are you shopping for a car this month? Avoid showing up to the dealership on the April 4th – Easter Sunday – as you will be subject to the lowest national average discount for the month – about 5.5%. Instead, hold off for a week and go on the 12th, when the average discount is 6.75% off the vehicle’s MSRP, the highest for the month.

    TrueCar bases average percentages on historical data – the discounts consumers received on specific dates in the past – and on an analysis of current transaction price levels and relevant manufacturer incentives. When all is said and done, a surprisingly accurate and detailed forecast for daily average discounts becomes available and you, the consumer, have a leg up on the dealership.

    If you are booked solid on the 12th this month or are simply too busy to schedule your shopping around the select best days, don’t worry. Data shows that you can still receive solid discounts by obeying a couple of simple rules that hold true year round:

    1.    The end of the month is better for car shopping than the beginning.
    2.    Weekdays are better than weekends.
    3.    The editors at KBB further recommend keeping an eye out for out-of-season vehicles and models that have been sitting on the lot for some time (for example, a 2010 model if a 2011 has been out for a few months).

    Of course, we’re not saying that you should show up to the dealership on a certain day and expect to magically get a great deal – doing your homework is still the most effective tool for car shoppers. We’re saying that knowing when to shop can potentially put you in a much better position to receive a discount.

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    mrtyreagan May 12, 2010 11:56 PM
    And I don't see anything wrong with this young writer's article. He may have no experience in the industry...but as a writer he only stated that ACCORDING to his sources...etc... Maybe many of you who called him stupid are mad because he is trying to arm buyers with good advice! Although I do pity low paid salespeople...as I know they work very hard! And I agree that govt. forces many dealers out of business with really stupid rules/laws. But I went back and re-read the article...and this writer was very objective and fair and for the most part accurate!
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    mrtyreagan May 12, 2010 11:52 PM
    Come to SUNNY FLORIDA...Especially Miami or Fort Liquordale...Be sure NO dealer is going to be closed on any Sunday! Many SERVICE DEPARTMENTS are even open on SUNDAYS down here. People spend money every day...not just Monday through Saturday! And the real Sabbath (resting day with no business) in the Bible is indeed, Saturday!
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    edjj1234 Apr 27, 2010 11:18 AM
    As a 17 year veteren of the car business I can assure you that this guy is "STUPID" All new car dealers have set goals every month to reach for their bonus's which can add 1,000's of dollars to their profit at the end of the month. As a new car & truck manager I was under the gun every month to get that 1 one more or 5 more to reach that next level of bonus. I think 17 years of really doing it makes me a better "expert" than some Idiot that spends a few minutes on his computer doing God knows what, Because he sure wasn't looking for information on his subject.
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    arvig Apr 08, 2010 4:04 AM
    To be more on topic, chvy70Camaro also posted this tidbit: ".. Easter is not a Federal holiday ONLY because it has to fall on a Sunday, however, all the states recognize it as a holiday and non-union and union workers must be paid time and a half!.." My reply: And unless Sunday isn't their "weekend" for the purposes of their job and they agree upon employment to a different set of hours, someone called in to work Sunday would get overtime as well, not just on Easter. :P
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    arvig Apr 08, 2010 4:01 AM
    chvy70camaro tries, and fails to insult me with his inane attempt at making fun of my screename. The wee tyke posted this in part in reply to me: "arf*g, no you're right...:" My reply. Oh my, an attempt to type "arfag"..and you also mask the letting in an even more lame attempt to avoid the language censor (if it is masked here, he types A R F A G but without the spaces and an asterick (*) for the second "a"). Gee, still bitter that I pointed out that your silly claims that one has to go to an $80,000 dollar car to get one with the same MPG and HP as the V6 in the base model 2010 Camaro is basically false? Must be. Of course I also pointed out how the 0-60 of the V6 base model Camaro is a good second slower then let's say a Nissan 370z or an Infiniti G37, both cars that have MORE HP and almost the same gas milage with their V6 engines as the base model/V6 Camaro does too. All that, and the little boy calls me "arf a g" and also doesn't have the guts to actually type it out. How chaming of the wee tyke.
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    chvy70camaro Apr 07, 2010 8:13 PM
    arf*g, no you're right, Easter is not a Federal holiday ONLY because it has to fall on a Sunday, however, all the states recognize it as a holiday and non-union and union workers must be paid time and a half! yes, almost all dealerships out here in SoCal are open on Sundays, and most of those even on Easter Sunday!! They have been for 3 decades or so!!
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    arvig Apr 04, 2010 9:47 AM
    gerardohsr posted this tidbit: " In some stated dealerships are open on Sunday, but to my knowledge all are closed on holidays, and Easter is a holiday, Mr Zak: My reply: 1) To the best of my knowledge Easter isn't a legal holiday, it is only a religious one. 2) Although many car dealerships might be closed, I'm sure at least some percentage are open today. 3) As for Sunday in general, Sunday selling from Car dealerships has existed in this area since the late 70's. I bought a car in December 2009, signed all the paperwork on a Sunday and took delivery on Monday so I'd say Sunday selling does happen.
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    arvig Apr 04, 2010 9:43 AM
    Ah yes, I see the usual car salesmen are here, posting and acting like they are gods among men. As leemorr23 pointed out, they are using past statistics. You want to say this article is a load of crap? Fine, post your OWN statistics with PROOF of your claims. Otherwise all you're doing is making a counterclaim with nothing to back it. And then expect US to believe that is the truth. Sorry, but I tend to ignore empty counter claims.
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    leemorr23 Apr 03, 2010 7:02 PM
    Type your own comment hereMost of you are accusing the writer of not doing his research and having no knowledge of the industry. It appears to me that none of you are reading the article, or the TrueCar article it is based on, or even checking out TrueCar.com. All of this is based on real sales statistics...real transactional data. The research works because it isn't based on guessing, it is based on historical data...stuff that has REALLY already happened. TrueCar knows that Easter is a bad day to buy a car because IN THE PAST Easter was a bad day to buy a car. Primarily because most dealerships are closed. However, there are dealers open (though closed early and with smaller staffs) and those dealers will probably give great deals...but there just aren't enough open to make a dent in the best days data. The concept that some days are better than others is based on ALL dealerships nationwide, not just the one you know about or work in. And yes, because I believe in transparency, it should be noted, I work for TrueCar...and I have worked in dealerships. We aren't making this stuff up. We use transaction data from 43% of all sales to confirm everything we say.
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    davidfedup Apr 03, 2010 6:39 PM
    Goo Goo Daa Daa, Wahhhh!!! LOL Wow people sure are mad here. I think its due to simply the high prices of auto's these days. Forget about trucks unless you use it for a business, WOW what crazy prices they have. I did ok with my ford fusion SE model but the other prices they had are like insane for even a ford taurus lol. I remember when they came out and they were the cheaper priced cars. House prices are down and food not much higher steel prices not bad but transportaion vehicles needs a change big time. We just need a new idea. We are still using the cavemans wheel idea yet commercials make fun of him. LOL he is still laughing at us decades latter.
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    fordf350va Apr 03, 2010 6:17 PM
    In recent years I've found the internet the best way to look around to find specfically what you want. This way there is no pressue, and you maintain a degree of control. The best example of this is the first time I used this process. At the time I lived outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Our family car, and my go-to-work car were both front wheel drive, so they perfromed well in the frequent snow storms in the area. At times on the way to work I felt the need for a 4X4. I'd never had one of my own before, but I knew what I wanted to get. A small 4X4 vehicle, and the GEO Tracker seemed to be perfect for my requirements. My job required a lot of road time, and I felt this vehicle would provide good economy with the 4X4 capability when I needed it. I spent a year reading about this vehicle, and its parent unit, Suzuki. On occasion I would take one for a test drive, and I continued to read about the vehicle, its performance attributes, and its weaknesses. Finally the day came when I made my choice. it was a 94 stock, very basic unit. It has a small 1600 cc engine. Not a lot of guts, but I figured how to enhance its performance. Slightly larger and wider tires was the best thing I did for it. Fuel economy ****** best was about 32 mpg hwy/26 city. I drove it for about 4 years until I just wore it out. The most important point of this is taking your time, and studying the vehicle before even look at it. Never get pushed into a deal, because that will usually be wrong. Have a nice day. Norman Prevatte Stafford, VA
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    tlogue7156 Apr 03, 2010 5:46 PM
    Having been in the business for 30 years....I have to ask, Who supplied the data for all this averaging? We used to supply used sales figures to N.A.D.A. at the end of the month which helped them with their price guides....what a joke...we'd inflate the sales numbers on our brand and deflate the numbers of competative brands, and laugh about it! Also, if a dealer is open on Easter, the crew is going to be very willing to write a deal, especially if nothing has been sold up to that point in the day. This narticle is a crock of Sh*t, like most of the car buying advice that is published.
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    crkfranko619 Apr 03, 2010 2:45 PM
    You have to be kidding me. I have never heard such a crock of crap. These people real get paid to write this stuff. No day of the month is a good day to read AOL AUTO's cuz they are missleading the general public. Oh and Edmonds.com where do they get their numbers?
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    gerardohsr Apr 03, 2010 2:28 PM
    This aol correspondent, is full of of himself. first he needs to actually work in the car sales field to know, what he is talking about. I have worked in car sales for 10 yrs. and all the information, Mr. Zak wrote about is incorrect. There in no one specific day of the month to get a better deal on a vehicle. It is based on quotas, inventory, incentives, and the will of the dealership to make you a good deal. In some stated dealerships are open on Sunday, but to my knowledge all are closed on holidays, and Easter is a holiday, Mr Zak. Please learn about what you are talking about before you open your trap.
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    mintautosalesny Apr 03, 2010 2:20 PM
    HOLY BLEEP THIS is the most rediculas article ever. I am in the car buisness, please give me some of what this guy is smoking!!! Pure BS. If you want to avoid the run around wait till end of the month when the managers need more cars to make there bonuses and will even sell a car at a loss to do so.
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    angelicd77 Apr 03, 2010 2:07 PM
    actually.. i think its kinda funny that the majority of you people think that dealerships arent open on sundays... im a title clerk.. you know the one that does your dmv paperwork when you purchase that pretty new car... yeah i work every sunday from 11-5.... idk where you people get your info but jeez.... come on....
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    bricktopo02 Apr 03, 2010 2:00 PM
    They are trying to feed thier family
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    affalken Apr 03, 2010 1:58 PM
    Some of you people lead verrrrry sheltered lives.....yes, there are places in this country that car dealers are open on Sunday as well as most holidays. Ford Motor Credit, GMAC and larger financial institutions even have reps on duty on weekends and holidays. Before you speak and look like a fool, remember that what applies where you live may not apply to the rest of this great big country.
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    tkim60630 Apr 03, 2010 1:58 PM
    Unless this guy works free for AOL, fire him. He didn't even do a basic research (As if it's needed) to know that car dealers are closed on Sundays.
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    donnieland Apr 03, 2010 1:56 PM
    Type your own cThis article is complete nonsense. Looking at the picture of this guy, what is he.... '16'?? This is another one of those 'non information-information' pieces. I don't care HOW much 'raw data' they churn through, none of it reflects: the weather, the dealership's inventory (the more cars on the lot the more likely you are of getting a better price because the bank is charging the dealership 'daily' for every new vehicle on the lot), in-house dealership contests or incentives, how many more cars the dealership has coming in, the 'mood' of the salesmen on the floor, and several other criteria that will never show up in 'raw data'. AOL, stop DUMBING DOWN AMERICA!! We're dumb enough as it is!!omment here
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    An analysis done by TrueCar of enormous amounts of data shows that there are actually specific best and worst days to buy a car every single month.


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