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Ford Expands Air Bag Recall Nationwide

Posted Dec 18, 2014by Associated Press

Ford Motor Co. has agreed to government demands to expand a driver's side air bag inflator recall to the entire U.S.

Texas Plumber Shocked His Old Ford F-250 Is Now In Terrorists' Hands

Posted Dec 18, 2014by Autoblog Staff

Mark Oberholtzer of Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, Texas, has no need to imagine, but it's probably his worst nightmare. That's because an image of his old Ford F-250 is now on Twitter as a gun platform in the Syrian Civil War.

10 Things Most People Don't Know About Their Cars

Posted Dec 18, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

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Valet Mode Captures Joyride In Red Corvette

Posted Dec 18, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A man in California is among the first to catch a valet behaving badly in his 2015 Corvette using the controversial valet mode.

Man Beats Speeding Ticket With Measuring Tape

Posted Dec 17, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A man in Wales successfully beat his speeding ticket with nothing more than a tape measure.

Michigan Cops Handout Gifts Instead Of Tickets

Posted Dec 16, 2014by Autoblog Staff

As part of the Uplift Someone Christmas initiative, the police department in Lowell, Michigan, pulled over a handful of drivers for a variety of supposed traffic violations, but instead of getting a ticket, the random citizens got items on their holiday shopping list.

Couple Gets Locked In Keyless Car

Posted Dec 16, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A couple in New Zealand nearly died after spending 13 hours locked inside their new car last month. Now they are speaking out about their ordeal to try and prevent other older drivers from suffering the same fate.

Elderly Man Thrown To Ground, Tased Over Expired Inspection Sticker

Posted Dec 15, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A Texas police officer is under investigation for using excessive force on an elderly man during a routine traffic stop last week.

Five Ways You May Be Prematurely Aging Your Car

Posted Dec 12, 2014by Jayne O'Donnell

Just as the way you live can age your body, the way you drive can add years to your car.

Tips On Choosing Your Car Insurance Wisely

Posted Dec 12, 2014by Jayne O'Donnell

Almost everyone rethinks their health insurance, whether it's through work or one of the new healthcare exchanges. But what about our auto insurance?

Iowa Driver's License App Brings Us Closer to Digital Wallet

Posted Dec 12, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

A fully realized "digital wallet" is inching closer to reality with Iowa's planned driver's license app.

The Billion-Dollar Potential Of The Ordinary American School Bus

Posted Dec 11, 2014by Pete Bigelow | AOL Autos

Next year, three California school districts will soon participate in a experiment that will examine whether school buses can be used beyond their traditional scope of transporting children to and from classrooms.

Mechanic Bagged By Red Light Camera At 3AM Driving Customer Car

Posted Dec 10, 2014by Autoblog Staff

A woman who dropped her car off at a local repair shop in Portland, Oregon was surprised to receive a ticket after one of the shop's employees was caught running a red light at 3am in her car.

Study Finds Serious Limitations With Emerging Auto Safety Tech

Posted Dec 10, 2014by Erin Marquis | AOL Autos Staff

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety tested new safety technology and found inconsistencies in blind spot alert and lane departure warning systems.

Honda Expands Takata Airbag Recall To 5.4M Units In The US

Posted Dec 9, 2014by Autoblog Staff

While Honda already announced plans to take its front driver's side Takata airbag inflator recall nationwide, the automaker has now officially reported on the number of affected vehicles and the specific models in need of repair.

Takata Air Bag Recall List

Posted Dec 9, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

The already record-breaking rate of automotive recalls this year shows no signs of slowing down, especially since millions of cars with defective airbags made by global supplier Takata are under further scrutiny.

Police Officers Escort Woman To See Ill Son

Posted Dec 9, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

Helen Smith is able to be by her gravely ill son's beside Friday because of the kindness of a string of Utah Highway Patrolmen who drover her half way across the state.

Two Women Jailed After Breaking Saudi Arabian Female Driver Ban

Posted Dec 9, 2014by AOL Autos Staff

Two women who were detained at the border of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia had their detentions extended by at least 25 more days Sunday for the crime of "driving while female."

White Still Dominates America's Car Paint Palette

Posted Dec 8, 2014by Autoblog Staff

Globally, 28 percent of car builds were white, leading every market, with black in second in every market.

Seniors Ready For Tougher Driving Laws To Protect Them From Themselves

Posted Dec 8, 2014by Autoblog Staff

New research indicates that older folks understand that there's a concern about their safety as drivers, and suggests they are willing to accept measures that could potentially keep them off the highways.

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