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Traffic Lights Could Be Next Big Cyber Attack Threat

Traffic lights and traffic-management systems might prove attractive targets for cyber attacks in coming years, a former defense department official warns....

CATEGORIES: Car Gadgets, Driving Laws, Traffic

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Black Friday Car Shoppers Should Wait For Lower Prices

The unofficial consumer holiday is often touted as the best day to get some major discounts, but new data from TrueCar.com shows Black Friday is only the fifth-best day to get a heavily discounted car...

CATEGORIES: Car Buying Tips, Car Shopping, Car Values

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Translogic 164: Driving The Fuel Cell Vehicles Of The 2014 LA Auto Show

Translogic takes a ride in the 2016 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, and follows that with a spin in the Volkswagen Passat HyMotion test vehicle and Audi A7 Sportback h-tron quattro concept at...

CATEGORIES: Alternative Fuels, Green Driving, Fuel Efficiency

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Will Copyright Law Stop You From Working On Your Car In The Near Future?

Plan on repairing or modifying a car in the garage this weekend? You might want to first consult a copyright lawyer....

CATEGORIES: Car Gadgets, Auto Repair

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Thanksgiving Travel To Be Complicated By Rain, Snow

Some Thanksgiving travelers along the East Coast were heading out early because of a forecast calling for a nor'easter that will bring rain and snow....

CATEGORIES: Driving, Traffic, Road Trips

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Woman Cleared In Fatal Car Wreck After GM Letter

A Texas judge cleared a woman Monday for a car accident that killed her fiance in 2004, after General Motors acknowledged that her car would have been among millions being recalled for a problem that ...

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, GM News, Car Crashes

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Parts Shortage Could Mean Airbag Inflator Replacement Takes Two Years

Drivers in the US might be stuck with quite a wait to get their vehicles repaired under the Takata airbag inflator recall....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Automotive News, Car Safety

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Lotus F1 Team Breaks World Record For Longest Truck Jump

Lotus F1 wasn't content to just make any commercial for their technology partner EMC Industries. It had to be one for the record books. The video released today shows a truck breaking the world record...

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News

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Ford, GM Still Doing New Business With Takata Amidst Airbag Crisis

Automakers are continuing to work with Takata in the wake of its massive safety crisis, but this might be partially because staying with the company might be the best option....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Ford News and Reviews, GM News, Car Safety

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Thanksgiving Getaway: 46.3 Million To Hit The Road

There is good news for Thanksgiving travelers: the price of gas is at five-year lows. The bad news: a lot more people will be driving....

CATEGORIES: Driving, Road Trips

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Minivans Do Poorly In Crash Tests

The Honda Odyssey was the only minivan to earn the highest safety rating in new crash tests by the insurance industry....

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Driving, Minivan Reviews

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Tightest Parallel Parking Spot Now A Record 8 Centimeters

A Chinese driver squeaked into the world record books by earning the title of tightest parallel parking job last week....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News

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U.S. Regulators Demand Global Recall Of Defective Airbag Vehicles

A showdown is looming between U.S. safety regulators and a Japanese company that makes air bags linked to multiple deaths and injuries....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Car Safety, Car Crashes

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GM Compensation Expert Extends Claims Deadline

The deadline for victims of crashes caused by faulty General Motors ignition switches has been extended for a month as the death toll rose to 33....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, GM News, Car Crashes

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Public Opinion Swings Hard Against Traffic Cameras

Automated traffic enforcement cameras are falling out of favor across America. A Long Island anti-camera group was the latest to protest Sunday....

CATEGORIES: Driving, Traffic, Drunk Driving

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Armored Car CEO Sits In SUV While Shot At With AK-47

This CEO is so confident his product will protect buyers from gunfire he will literally stand behind it....

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Weird Car News

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Automakers Promise Better Protection For Drivers' Data

In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, the 12 manufacturers that are members of the Auto Alliance committed to upholding principles that would provide more transparent notices to consumers about...

CATEGORIES: Automotive News, Automotive Technology, Car Gadgets, Driving Laws

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Video: Datsun GO Fares Poorly In Indian Crash-Test Results

Watch this crash test of the Datsun Go, a small car sold in India, and you'll understand why the country has such a high rate of traffic fatalities....

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Car Crashes

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Cheap Gas Prices To Persist Into 2015, Feds Say

In a dramatic shift from previous forecasts, the Energy Department predicted Wednesday that the average price of gasoline in the U.S. will be $2.94 a gallon in 2015. That is a 44-cent drop from an out...

CATEGORIES: Driving, Gas Prices

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Ford Gets The Aluminum F-150 Ready For Prime Time

Ford is using aluminum almost exclusively in body of the 2015 version of its best-selling F-150 pickup, which starts arriving at dealerships next month....

CATEGORIES: Automotive Technology, Ford News and Reviews

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