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GM Issues 6 More Safety Recalls Covering Almost 718,000 Vehicles

General Motors issued six more recalls on Wednesday, bringing its annual total to 60 recalls covering almost 30 million vehicles....

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Gamer Finds Dad's 'Ghost' In Old Xbox Game

Video games are often derided as low culture or violent wastes of time. One YouTube user, however, found solace in an old racing game by evoking the memory of his long-lost father....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News

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Odds Of Dying In A Traffic Accident Depend On Which State You Reside In

Your odds of dying in a traffic accident depend a lot on where you live....

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Car Crashes

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Chrysler Recalls Jeep SUVs For Ignition Switches

The ignition switch defects that engulfed General Motors are now a rapidly growing problem at Chrysler....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Chrysler News and Reviews, Jeep News and Reviews

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Dealership Pays Customer It Wronged With Pennies

A woman in Florida is livid after a car dealership sold her a lemon and attempted to make restitution by paying her with two bags full of pennies....

CATEGORIES: Driving, Weird Car News, Car Dealers

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Seniors Struggle With Roundabouts

Roundabouts are circular causeways that allow traffic to flow in a four-way intersection without stop lights or signs. This new way of managing traffic is meant to save lives, but they have some older...

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Driving, Traffic

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Woman Hits Motorcyclist, Claims God Was Driving Her Car

An Indiana woman who ran over a motorcyclist and hit a truck told police she wasn't at the wheel at the time of the crash. God was....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News, Car Crashes

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Star Wars Car Drives The Dark Side Of Comic Con

Among the coveted collectible toys for sale at Comic-Con in San Diego this week is the Vadermobile, a full-size working replica of a new die-cast Hot Wheels car....

CATEGORIES: Concept Cars, Weird Car News

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Toyota's 'Easy Speak' Gives Parents A Voice In Backseats

Parents often wish they could be in two places at once. A feature from Toyota now gives them the next best thing: The ability to yell at their children from a distance....

CATEGORIES: Toyota News and Reviews, Weird Car News

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Car Insurance Rates Much Higher For City Drivers

How exactly car insurance companies calculate rates is a mystery, but we do know that they use a closely guarded calculation weighing obvious risk indicators like driving history and age with more...

CATEGORIES: Car Insurance Advice, Driving Laws

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Auto Industry Continues To Grapple With Challenges Of Cyber Threats

Today's new cars come equipped with dozens of microcomputers connected by a network and run everything from infotainment systems to the engine itself. Like any other computer system, the units inside...

CATEGORIES: Automotive News, Car Safety, Car Theft

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Teen Drivers Increase Insurance Premiums By Nearly Eighty Percent

It's tough to have a teen driver in the family for numerous reasons. A new study from insuranceQuotes.com found one more: insurance rates skyrocket when an average married couple adds one to their...

CATEGORIES: Car Insurance Advice, Car Crashes

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Pot Tourists Dumping Stashes At Denver Airport Rental Car Agencies

Car rental agencies operating at Denver International Airport are reporting tourists with extra pot are frequently handing it off to their employees or stashing their stash in the cars before they...

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News, Car Loans

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FBI Fears Autonomous Cars Will Make Great Weapons

The Guardian in Britain recently gained access to an unclassified report from the FBI that basically brainstorms potentially nefarious uses for self-driving cars....

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Are Ride Sharing Services Cutting Down On Drunk Driving?

Philadelphia and Seattle have both seen drunk driving arrests decrease since services like Uber started operations....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News, Drunk Driving

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Allergies Can Be As Bad As Drinking For Drivers

When you're not feeling the best, you rarely do your best, but a new study found that allergies not only make life tough, they make driving dangerous, too....


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Car Shopping For A Teen? Here's What You Need To Know

Teen drivers are the most vulnerable motorists on the road. They take unnecessary risks. They're inexperienced. They're more likely to sit behind the wheel of used cars that don't contain the latest...

CATEGORIES: Used Car Buying Guide, Car Safety

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BMW Recalls 1.6 Million 3 Series Cars For Air Bag Problem

BMW is expanding a recall of its most popular models to fix an air bag problem that is hitting much of the global auto industry....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, BMW News and Reviews

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Stepdaughter Surprises Stepdad With Restored Porsche

As a very special Father's Day gift, a stepdaughter surprised her stepdad with the car he gave up years earlier to pay for the wedding to her mother....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News

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World's Fastest Hot Tub Contender Is Hottest Thing On Four Wheels

Two friends built a working hot tub inside of a 1969 Cadillac DeVille, dubbed 'Carpool DeVille', in an attempt to set the hot tub land speed record....

CATEGORIES: Driving, Concept Cars, Weird Car News

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