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Car Accident Killed South Dakota Girls Missing Since 1971

Two South Dakota girls on their way to an end-of-school-year party at a gravel pit in May 1971 drove off a country road and into a creek where their remains lay hidden until last fall when a drought...


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Volvo Develops Inflatable Car Seat

Properly installing a bulky, awkward car seat is one of the most essential -- and frustrating -- skills parents must master. Volvo has developed a better way: an inflatable, portable, ultra-light car...

CATEGORIES: Car Gadgets, Car Safety, Weird Car News

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First 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 Sells For One Million Dollars

NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick loves buying first-built Chevrolet models for charity. He paid $1 million to buy the first production 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible and $650,000 to get the first...

CATEGORIES: Chevy News and Reviews, GM News, Supercars, Muscle Cars, Car Values

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Crowdfunding Combat: Me-Mover vs. Halfbike vs. Verrado

Normally in our Crowdfunding Combat series we pick two similar Kickstarter projects and pit them head to head against one another in a winner-takes-all combat to the death (minus the whole death...

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Highways Glow Green In The Netherlands

Glow-in-the-dark road markings have replaced streetlights on a small stretch of highway in The Netherlands....

CATEGORIES: Driving, Weird Car News

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San Diego Car Dealer Guilty Of Breaking Campaign Finance Law

A high-end car dealer in San Diego, Calif. pled guilty in federal court Thursday to eight misdemeanor counts of breaking campaign finance law....

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News, Car Dealers

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Senate Committee Votes To Keep Driver Black Box Data Private

Drivers are one step safer to having improved privacy behind the wheel. The Senate Commerce Committee has granted bipartisan approval to legislation that aims to protect the information on automotive...

CATEGORIES: Car Safety, Driving, Driving Laws

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General Motors Announces Another Big Ignition-Related Recall

Replacement parts for cars at the center of a massive General Motors recall for defective ignition switches began arriving at dealerships across this country just this week. If car owners have already...

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, GM News

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Single People Pay More For Car Insurance

Age, gender and marital status significantly affect how much Americans pay for car insurance, according to a new study from InsuranceQuotes.com. And the disparity in insurance costs is highest among...

CATEGORIES: Car Insurance Advice, Saving Money

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Consumers View Cars Like They Do Cell Phones

Up until recently, financial motivations drove the behavior of car shoppers. Today, many consumers shop for cars because of a constant desire for change, according to a new study from Swapalease.com....

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Toyota Recalling Millions Of Cars Over Multiple Concerns

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling nearly 1.8 million vehicles in the U.S. for various safety problems, including air bags that may fail to deploy....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Toyota News and Reviews, Car Safety

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Cement Truck Flips Over, Crashes Into Minivan

From a driver's perspective, nothing is scarier than the thought of a large, out-of-control truck barreling straight at your vehicle. On Tuesday, a professor at Texas A&M experienced the real...

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News, Car Crashes

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Five Tips For Restoring A Classic Car

Many people dream of buying an iconic classic car and returning it to its former glory. Whether you're in high school or retired, the idea of a long-term restoration project can be romantic and...

CATEGORIES: Car Buying Tips, Used Car Buying Guide, Car Care, Car Repair Q&A

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Two GM Vehicles Stand Out On Important Safety Crash-Test

Here's some news regarding the safety of General Motors vehicles that will actually reassure some car owners instead of frightening them....


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Smartphones Reduce Accident Headaches

As insurance costs rise with car prices, ways to reduce costs seem to diminish. One Chicago-based company called Snapsheet, however, is poised to reverse some of that trend, by helping streamline the...

CATEGORIES: Car Insurance Advice

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San Francisco Sees Spate Of Smart Car Tipping

Delinquents in San Francisco have taken to tipping Smart ForTwos. Witnesses told KRON-4 in San Francisco that eight people, wearing hoods, were responsible for tipping three Smarts. While the vehicle...

CATEGORIES: Weird Car News, Car Crashes

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Ford Recalls Nearly 435,000 Vehicles

Ford is recalling nearly 435,000 cars and SUVs to fix rusting frame parts or faulty seats....

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Ford News and Reviews

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Looking To Buy A Used Car? You Might Want To Consider A New One

Because of the recession that hit in late 2008, people have been holding onto their rides for longer than usual, waiting for better days before trading in old wheels for new ones. The fact that...

CATEGORIES: Car Buying Guide, Car Buying Tips, Car Shopping, Certified Used Cars, Used Car Buying Guide, Saving Money

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Angry Families Want GM Prosecuted For Defects

The families of those who died in General Motors cars with defective ignition switches want prosecutors to go after GM insiders responsible for letting the problems fester for more than a decade - and...


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Mazda Recalling Cars Due To Spider Webs In Engines

Three years after Mazda recalled 52,000 Mazda6 sedans over spider webs obstructing the evaporative canister vent lines of 2009 and 2010 Mazda6 models, another recall has been issued for 42,000 more of...

CATEGORIES: Auto Recalls, Mazda News and Reviews

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